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Antique Norton IM-313

Antique Norton IM-313

The Classic Norton IM-313

John - June 16, 2017

I just had to show you my antique Norton IM-313

Norton 313 Classic

Norton has been making the Norton IM-313 for many decades. I didn't realize how many decades until I received this as a Father's Day gift a few years ago. With Father's Day just around the corner, I was reminded of this classic tool so I pulled it out to photograph it.

I never realized quite how long this sharpener has been around. Unlike the immensely more practical plastic cases, this sharpener features a cast iron base and steel top. It is extremely heavy, so it isn't designed to be portable at all.

Realistically, the new Norton IM-313 units are more useful as sharpeners since they don't rust, but for sharpening geeks, this one is just great to see.