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8" Dia-Flat 95 New Lapping Plate

8" Dia-Flat 95 New Lapping Plate

8" Dia-Flat 95 A New Size of DMT Lapping Plate

What is your most economical Diamond Lapping Plate?

Looking for the best lapping plate available for your valuable waterstones, but also looking for some more budget friendly? Consider our exclusive new lapping stone from DMT, the 8" Dia-Flat 95.

A Sharpening Supplies exclusive

Sharpening Supplies worked directally with DMT to bring you this exclusive offer. A new Dia-Flat 95 diamond lapping plate that brings the same DMT quality as the Dia-Flat 95, but in a smaller, economical size. At 8" long and 3" wide it is large enough to flatten your waterstones effectively, but small enough to be easier on the budget.

Since it's introductions, the Dia-Flat 95 has been our most popular lapping plate for users of waterstones. This new 8" by 3" size has all the great features of the original. The 95 micron (160 mesh) diamond grit offers fast leveling, but leaves a smooth surface on your finest waterstones. Its flatness is guaranteed to be within .0005 inches so you know your stones will be truly flat. And it has the same DMT Hardcoat Technology as the original Dia-Flat 95 ensuring that it will hold up well to the tremendous amount of wear that comes with leveling waterstones.

If you sharpen with waterstones, you know that they wear unevenly and require flattening. And you know how important it is to keep waterstones flat for best performance, especially when you're sharpening woodworking tools. We have found that the Dia-Flat 95 to be the fastest, most efficient tool for flattening waterstones, and we are proud to offer it to you in this exclusive new size.