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30,000 Grit Shapton Stones

These Go To 30

Stones that go to the Extreme

Are you looking for the most extreme of fine in a sharpening stone? Stones that go that extra little bit finer? Well look no further than Shapton Water Stones. While other brands top out at 10,000 or 12,000, Shapton's stones go to 30,000.


The 30,000 grit water stones from Shapton are attention grabbing. You don't see stones this fine every day.

30,000 grit stones are at the extreme end of fine grit. If you want to be confident that you have taken your sharpening through the finest stones available, then Shapton Stones are the ones.



Shapton's three 30K Grit Stones. They have three options, the Kuromaku Professional, the HR Series Glass Stone and the Glass Stone Seven.

Now you might be thinking, "Hold on. Just what does 30,000 grit mean?" Well if grit scales aren't convincing for you, there's always the measurement of the abrasive particles in microns. The micron numbers are .48 microns for the Kuromaku Professional Stone .49 microns for the HR Series Glass Stone and .44 microns for the Glass Stone Seven. Remember that 1 micron = 1 /1000th of a millimeter. These stones have seriously small abrasive particles.


For ultra fine finishing stones, it doesn't get any finer than the Shapton 30,000 grit stones.

There are many fine stone options. But none go to the extreme of fineness found in the 30,000 grit Shapton Stones. For the extreme of fineness in a sharpening stone, look no further.