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3 Ways to Keep Diamond Stones Sharpening For Longer

3 Simple Steps to Clean Your Diamond Stones


Diamond sharpening stones are a layer of diamond abrasives bonded to a metal plate. They're fast sharpeners. Diamond stones will quickly sharpen any kind of steel, stay flat, and work reliably for years. Because of these great features, they’re a popular option for sharpening.

Refresh Diamond Stones 1

Lots of difference sharpeners use diamond plates.

If your diamond stones aren't sharpening as fast as they used to, it's time to do some simple maintenance on them. When a diamond stone starts to perform poorly, it's easy to think it's because the diamonds have been worn away. Often, this is not the cause.

Diamond stones are very low maintenance. They don’t need flattening, the surface doesn’t need prepping before use and they can even be used dry. That said, we recommend using a cutting fluid, such as water, to rinse away the swarf (metal particles) left behind during sharpening.

Over time swarf can fill the gaps between the diamonds and reduce their sharpening speed. Removing the swarf will revitalize most stones you think are worn out. Here are three easy things you can do to get your slow diamond stones sharpening fast again.

The Humble Eraser

Refresh Diamond Stones 2

An eraser is a quick and convenient way to remove swarf.

One way to clear steel particles from between the diamonds is with a high-polymer eraser. Your basic white eraser. Rubbing the eraser over the surface will remove a lot of surface swarf. Just brush away the eraser crumbs and you’re ready to sharpen again.

Soapy Water

Refresh Diamond Stones 3

The Lansky Diamond System comes with its own toothbrush.

Warm soapy water is a great way to give your diamond stones a gentle clean. Apply a little dish soap, use a nylon bristle brush (an old toothbrush works great), and get a good lather going. After a quick rinse, you'll have your diamond stones sparkling again!

Make sure you properly dry your diamond stones before you put them away. Pat them dry with a towel or paper towel.

Mild Abrasive Cleaners

Refresh Diamond Stones 4

A mild abrasive household cleaner and a brass brush will remove any swarf between the diamonds..

To perform a really deeper clean, you’ll need to use an abrasive kitchen cleaner, such as Ajax or Bar Keeper’s Friend. Apply a little to a wet stone and gently scrub. We recommend getting hold of a brass bristle brush (often sold as grill or oven cleaning brushes) to help remove stubborn steel particles.

Give the stone a good rinse once you’re done. Once again, make sure they’re fully dry before putting the diamond stones back into storage.

Your diamond stone should be revitalized, refreshed, and ready for use.