What can I use to sharpen my machete?


Machetes are made to be easily sharpened. When used, they see a lot of abuse so they need to be able to be sharpened easily. They are hardened to be slightly softer than a pocket knife, if they were as hard as a pocket knife, they would be more prone to chipping and would take a long time to sharpen.

I recommend a handheld sharpener if the blade is large. To sharpen it like a knife on a stone is somewhat more difficult. The tip on that knife is also very hard to get right on a stone.

Here are two options:

The Tradesman Utility Stone is large and sharpens quickly. It is a great tool for the job. If you use your machete how it was meant to be used, this is our recommendation.

If you really want to sharpen it extremely fine, I would use the DMT Diafold Kit. It would also be great for your other pocket knives, even serrated. Because it isn't quite as large, it won't sharpen as quickly as the Tradesman Utility Stone.