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Herold - Solingen 180J Razor Strop

Herold - Solingen 180J Razor Strop

Item # HS180J
Price: $65.99
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  • 3-1/8" Wide
  • Our Widest Strop
  • 14-1/2" Usable Length
  • 22-1/2" Overall Length


Over 3" Wide

The Herold-Solingen 180J is the widest strop we offer. Its 80mm (over 3-1/8") wide stropping surface is large enough to handle any razor with ease. And the 37cm (14-1/2") of usable length provides ample stropping area while the 57 cm (22-1/2") overall length won't take up too much real estate when hanging.

A Quality Leather-Only Strop

The HS180J is leather only strop. That is, it does not have a linen side for initial stropping. But what a leather it is! Made in Germany out of "Juchtenleder", a variety of Russian Leather, it is tougher than the "Rindleder" of the smaller HS152RI yet supple with a velvety finish to the surface for exceptional response while stropping. While it needs no treatment initially, this strop will benefit from periodic application of the Yellow Leather Treatment Paste to maintain it in top condition.

A Sturdy Strop

The HS180J is a sturdy strop too, with riveted and stitched end pieces and robust hardware. The D handle makes for a space-saving but solid grip. Truly a strop built to last.

Q. Should I use Stropping Pastes with this strop?

A. This strop is often used as plain leather, in which case periodic light applications of the Herold - Solingen Yellow Leather Treatment Paste are all that is required. However, if you feel the need to work with abrasive stropping pastes, then the Herold - Solingen Green or Red tube pastes or their Red/Black solid paste pack can be applied. Remember though, one paste per strop and once applied these pastes cannot be removed.

Q. What are the differences between the various strops you offer?

A. To see a comparison of the strops, see our article Comparing Razor Strops. It is a helpful guide for finding the right strop for you.

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