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Double-Sided 8" Sharpening Supplies Water Stone Kit

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  • Set of 2 Water Stones, 220/1000 and 3000/8000
  • Double-Time Flattening Stone

Double-Sided Water Stones and Double-Time Flattening Stone - Made in America

This set features our new Double-Sided Water Stones that measure 8" x 1 15/16" x 3/4". It includes the 220/1000 and the 3000/8000 grit water stones, and the large 10" x 4" Double-Time Flattening Stone. The water stones are a perfectly matched set ideal for almost any knife.

Set of 2 Double-Sided Water Stones

Sharpening Supplies Water Stones Fast Cutting and Hard Wearing

These are well-balanced stones. They emphasize fast cutting action, some of the fastest we have seen. Yet they also keep their shape well, not requiring excessive resurfacing.

While the combination of fast cutting and hard-wearing sounds pretty straight forward, it's actually a trick to pull off. With sharpening stones, there is a delicate balance between the speed of cutting and the ability to hold flatness. The two features don’t always go hand-in-hand. Often, stones are fast, precisely because they break down quickly and expose fresh grit when used. Stones that don't break down as quickly on the other hand sacrifice some speed of cutting for the benefit of holding their shape longer. We're very pleased with how our Water Stones balance the two attributes.

Harder Bond

Sharpening Supplies Water Stones are constructed with a vitrified bond rather than a resin bond. We find that this gives them a responsive feel in use. You can feel the cutting action while using these stones. They feel firm, not muddy or soft like some other water stones.

They are a soaking stone and do need to be placed in water for 10-20 minutes until saturated before use. However, unlike other stones that discourage storage in water, the bond of Sharpening Supplies Water Stones will not degrade with long term water contact giving you the option to store them in water if you prefer.

Matched Grits

We designed the set so four grits would make a well-matched set. The 220 is an aggressive stone for dull edges. The 1000 grit is used after the 220 or as a starting point for only moderately dull edges. The 3000 grit is a fine stone and provides a very edge and prepares it for the final grit. The 8000 grit will put a polished edge on any tool or knife.

Sharpening Stone Size

Each water stone measures 8" x 1 15/16" x 3/4". This size is ideal for most knives.

USA Made

We believe in sourcing American-made products, so we're proud to say that our Water Stones are made right here in the USA.



Double-Time Flattening Stone

Double-Time Flattening Stone Guaranteed Flat

When our flattening stone is made, care is taken to ensure that it comes out of the mold flat. That flatness is critical because that is what determines how flat you can make your stone. We take two additional steps when ours are made. First, each stone is hand lapped to ensure flatness. It takes time to do it, but that is the only way to make it flatter. Second, each stone is precisely measured to ensure flatness. If it doesn't pass the test, it is sent back for additional lapping.

Flattening Stone Size Matters

The size of the flattening stone matters for a few reasons. The larger stone is easier to use as your water stone stays on the surface. But total wear is another benefit. Our large (10" x 4") double-sided stone has 80 square inches of total flattening surface. That is almost 3 times the wearable area of other popular flattening stones.

Seeing the Double-Time Flattening Stone next to other popular flattening stones shows the size difference. And, it's double-sided!

Hard Abrasive Materials

We chose green silicon carbide as our abrasive material for our flattening stone because it is extremely hard and the particle shape cuts aggressively. It is harder than aluminum oxide, and also harder than the less expensive black silicon carbide. This makes it ideal for flattening as it cuts quicker and wears slower.

Double-Time Flattening Stone In Use Photo Two Sides for Fast Flattening and Smooth Surfaces

Just like with sharpening an edge, the coarser the grit, the faster the cutting action. However, the coarser the grit, the coarser the surface it will leave. We experimented with different grits to find the best overall option. We wanted to find a better solution to that compromise. Our solution was to make it double-sided. Something we have not seen on any other flattening stone before.

The coarse side is a very fast cutting 120 grit. Especially when working on coarse water stones, this side provides the necessary cutting action to effectively flatten the stone. However, when flattening finer stones, a coarse grit leaves a finish that many find undesirable. That is why we put a 320 grit surface on the fine side. On water stones 1000 grit and higher, we recommend using the fine side to put a nice surface finish on the stone. The fine side can even be used alone on very fine water stones to put a fresh flat surface on your stone.

In addition, the distinctive grid pattern of the grooves clears waste material quickly and efficiently, aiding the fast cutting action on both sides of the Double-Time Flattening Stone.

Made In the USA

We've supported US manufacturing since we started and that continues to be important to us. When we set out to create our new flattening stone, we knew we could make a great flattening stone in the US. We feel that everyone benefits when quality products are made in the USA. We're not only supporting the economy, but we are producing a product with a quality that everyone can appreciate.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll like the Double-Time Flattening Stone that we're backing it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with any aspect of the stone, just let us know and we'll gladly replace or refund your purchase.

Q. Do Sharpening Supplies Water Stones need to be flattened?

A. Yes, and that is why we included the Double-Time Flattening Stone.

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