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Sharpening Supplies Top Knife Care Tips

Knife Care Tips From The (Sharpening) Experts

April 1st, 2023
Knife Care Tips

Great Ways to Treat Your Knife

As the internet’s largest purveyor of sharpening stones and equipment, we feel well-positioned to tell you how best to look after your knives. Follow these simple steps and you’ll make us very happy.

1. Use for Non-Cooking Tasks

Ways To Ruin Your Kitchen Knife 1

Get the most out of your knife

We think it’s great when people try to get the most out of their kitchen knives. In the same way that a puppy isn’t just for Christmas, your kitchen knife isn’t just for the kitchen. It’s a convenient tool for opening packages, cutting up boxes, and light whittling tasks. Sure, you’ll need to sharpen more often, but that’s a small price for the convenience of using your 8” chef’s knife to quickly get into your latest Sharpening Supplies order. And if you haven’t placed an order recently, keep following our tips and you’ll need to place one soon.

2. Use A Steel or Glass Cutting Board

Ways To Ruin Your Kitchen Knife 2

A cutting board we'd love to see in every American kitchen.

We love it when we see people using glass, steel, or even stone cutting boards. The rhythmic clacking of a knife edge against a hard surface is music to our ears. And we hope it’ll bring you joy too. Get rid of that end-grain butcher block, dump the plastic cutting boards, and get yourself a nice sheet of break-resistant tempered glass so you can really slam your edge into the board. On an unrelated note, we’ve just added a few more sharpening steels to our selection. You might want to check them out!

3. Use the Dishwasher

Ways To Ruin Your Kitchen Knife 4

At Sharpening Supplies, we want to help save you time. So put those knives straight in the dishwasher. The abrasive detergents, extended jostling and clattering against other utensils will efficiently clean your knife, giving you back your time to focus on other things. Like sharpening.

5. Store Loose in a Drawer

Ways To Ruin Your Kitchen Knife 5

Having to avoid cutting yourself while grabbing a spoon will increase your hand-eye coordination.

We don’t think you should be messing around with knife blocks or magnetic racks. Just throw those knives right in the cutlery drawer. This way you can save precious counter space that can be used for more important things. Like an electric knife sharpener. You might just need it!

Follow these simple tips and we can guarantee you’ll have a great April Fools Day.