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Sharpening Supplies Founder

Message from Sharpening Supplies Founder

Sharpening Supplies FounderMy name is John Carmona, I started Sharpening Supplies in 2006 with the intent of combining knowledge and sharpening products to make the business a fun place to shop. With a lot of hard work and help from our dedicated employees, I'm proud to say we've offered our customers over ten years of support.

I came up with the idea of Sharpening Supplies out of the need to sharpen my own knives and tools. Like many of you, I had dull knives and really didn't know the best way to sharpen them. It wasn't until I became interested in woodworking that I developed a passion for sharpening. It all started with a simple antique hand plane. If you've ever used a hand plane, you know it must be sharpened to work properly. Unlike a kitchen knife that can be used dull (but rather ineffectively), a hand plane just won't work if the plane iron is completely dull. By learning to appreciate a sharpened and tuned hand plane, I started what was to become a lifelong passion for sharp tools and knives.

Over the years I've spoken to thousands of customers. While every conversation is different, the one thing that remains the same is the interest and passion for sharpening. In the very early days, I was the only person that answered the phone so I spoke to every customer. Since the beginning we've grown a great deal and now when you call or email, you'll be able to speak to someone that not only understands the products, but also shares a passion for sharpening and service.

We handle all of the incoming calls and emails ourselves. I feel there is no substitute for personal service and I know our people do a great job with your questions. When you call, one of us in Middleton Wisconsin will pick up the phone. If you have a question, I would encourage you to give us a call.

Since the day we started, we've stocked all of our products in our warehouse. By having our inventory in our own warehouse, we can provide very fast shipping. If you order something from us by 2PM, we'll ship it out that same day. We'll provide you with a tracking number so you can track the progress of your items.

Over the years, we've grown by word of mouth and satisfied customers returning to purchase additional sharpening items. We value our customers and we're happy to help customers with questions long after the purchase. We understand that sometimes sharpening requires a little experience and we're happy to share that experience with you.


John Carmona
Sharpening Supplies


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