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Sharpener of the Week: Double-Time Flattening Stone

Sharpener of the Week: Double-Time Flattening Stone

July 3, 2021
Double Time Flattening Usa Made

July is “Made in the USA” month at Sharpening Supplies. Our first Sharpener of the Week is the USA-made Double-Time Flattening Stone. Guaranteed flat, and large enough to flatten any water stone with ease, the Double-Time Flattening Stone is extremely hard and cuts aggressively. The double-sided stone has a distinctive grid pattern that aids in fast and efficient flattening, leaving your water stones with a smooth flat finish.

Flattening Stone On Box

Made and designed in the USA.

The Double-Time Flattening Stone is made in the USA. We are proud to support American workers and the ongoing tradition of quality American manufacturing.

Learn how our design, manufacturing, and quality materials make the Double-Time Flattening Stone such a great flattening stone.