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Wicked Edge 14 Micron and 10 Micron Diamond Pastes

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  • Diamond Abrasive
  • Use with Wicked Edge Strops
  • 14 micron / 10 micron pastes
  • Each syringe is 1 ml

Diamond honing compound for use on strops.

Wicked Edge Diamond Honing Pastes come in pairs, with 1 ml of each. While they can be use on any strop, they are packaged for use with the Wicked Edge Strops, which each have two sides. Load the coarser paste on one side and the finer paste on the other for progressive grits.

14 micron / 10 micron Diamond Pastes

Relatively coarse as honing compounds go, the 14 micron / 10 micron diamond pastes are roughly similar grits to the 800 and 1000 grit Wicked Edge stones. You receive a 1 ml syringe of both 14 micron paste and 10 micron paste.

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