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Tormek KS-123 Knife Angle Setter

by Tormek
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  • Set the exact sharpening angle for any type of knife.
  • Easy to use - set the angle in three easy steps.
  • Sets an exact sharpening angle even for tapered blades.
  • Self-adjusting for the diameter of the grinding wheel.
  • Compatible with all Tormek knife jigs.
  • Works with the Tormek T-8, Tormek T-4 and older models.

Exact Angle Setting for Knives

The Tormek KS-123 Knife Angle Setter allows you to set the exact sharpening angle for virtually any knife. It works with any of the Tormek Knife Jigs, and in three easy steps, this easy to use solution lets you set the precise angle even on knives with tapered blades. It is self-adjusting for the diameter of the grinding wheel, and fits all Tormek machines with a universal support. The calculations to get the right angle is based on exact geometric measurements, so this analog angle setter is always correct. Setting the sharpening angle on your knife has never been easier and more precise!

What's Your Angle?

Our angle is always the highest degree of precision. With the patented KS-123 Knife Angle Setter, you can set the exact sharpening angle from 8 to 25 degrees (per side). This gives you the flexibility to sharpen most types of knives to your preferred edge angle. Since you measure the angle with the apex as reference, any tapering of the blade will not affect your final angle.

Three Easy Steps

The KS-123 Knife Angle Setter is a simple to use solution that is a must-have for any knife sharpening enthusiast. It is very easy to use, just follow these three steps:

  • Snap into place on the universal support.
  • Adjust to the protrusion of your knife clamped in the knife jig.
  • Adjust the height of the universal support until the angle indicator points to your desired angle.

And just like that your universal support is set to give your knife the exact angle you want. The KS-123 Knife Angle Setter is the only device for setting the knife angle that you'll ever need.

Note that the KS-123 Knife Angle Setter must be used with a Tormek Knife Jig Like the KJ-45 Knife Jig on a Tormek low rpm water-cooled sharpening machine, such as the Tormek T-8, the T-4, or the older T-7, T-3 or Supergrind models. The KS-123 Knife Angle Setter can be used with any current or previous Tormek Knife jig.

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