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Deulen 6" Jointer/Planer Sharpening Jig

by Deulen
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  • Sharpen Jointer Knives at Home
  • Easy to Use
  • Hone Knives up to 8" Long

Sharpen your own Planer and Jointer Blades.

Save Time and Money

Have you been throwing away perfectly good jointer or planer knives just because they were dull? Are you tired of the time and expense it takes to send them out to be professionally sharpened? If so, then a Deulen Jointer/Planer Sharpening Jig is just what you've been looking for. This tool makes it easy to sharpen your own planer and jointer knives at home.

Blades up to 8" Long

The 6" Deulen Jointer/Planer Sharpening Jig will handle blades up to 8" long. It will sharpen single or double sided blades equally well. Do you have knives that are longer than 8" or shorter than 4"? Then see the Deulen 12" Planer/Jointer Sharpening Jig for your long blades or the Deulen Mini Planer/Jointer Sharpening Jig for your shorter ones.

Easy to Use

The Deulen Planer/Jointer Sharpening Jigs are easy to use. Just put the knives into the jig with the bevel facing up. Then tighten the set screws and you are ready to go. Using the Deulen 6 Grit Lapping Plate, slide the bevels of the knives over the sandpaper. If your knives are in pretty good condition to start with, begin on the 220 grit. If your knives have nicks or are very dull, start on the 120 grit. Stroke on one grit until you have removed metal all the way to the edge. 10 strokes is usually enough. Then move on to the next grit until you have finished with the 400 grit.

After finishing the bevels all the way through the 400 grit, take the knives out of the jig and place them one at a time flat on their backs on the 400 grit paper. The bevels should be facing up. Gently holding the knife against the paper, slide it back and forth about 10 times to remove the burr left from sharpening the bevel. Then put them back in the machine!

2 or 3 Knife Sets

If your planer or jointer has only two knives, the process above is very straight forward. However, many jointers and planers have three knives. The Deulen Jigs accommodate those as well. Label your knives A, B and C. Start with Knives A and B in the jig. After 10 passes on the first grit of the lapping plate, simply take Knife A out and insert Knife C. Then do another 10 passes. Then take out Knife B, re-insert Knife A and do another 10 passes. You will now have given each knife an equal number of passes of the first grit. Repeat the process for each of the following grits through 400 and you're done.

Q. Will the Deulen Planer/Jointer Sharpening Jigs sharpen any jointer or planer knives?

A. The Deulen Jigs will accept any planer or jointer knives that can be adjusted for height in their machines. Knives that register on pins and are not height adjustable should not be resharpened and are truly disposable.

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