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Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

by Tormek
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  • Now in Zinc Gray or Carbon Black!
  • Designed for Quality Kitchen Cutlery
  • 8 Year Warranty (5 on purchase + 3 on registration)
  • Diamond Sharpening Wheel
  • Composite Honing Wheel
  • Designed for Home Kitchens



Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener - Now Available in Carbon Black!

The T-1 is an exciting kitchen knife sharpener from Tormek. The Tormek T-1 allows home chefs to easily produce professional levels of sharpness on all their kitchen knives.

Quality Kitchen Knife Sharpener

The Tormek T-1 produces professional quality results. The T-1 makes it easy for any home chef to sharpen their knives at home. The T-1 is very versatile and can sharpen just about any size or shape of kitchen knife. The T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener has an attractive European design that would look at home in the finest home kitchen. This Swedish-made sharpener has quality and durability that exceeds expectations. It is backed by an 8-year warranty.

Tormek T-1 Angle Guide

Fast, Easy Sharpening with the Angle Guide

The Angle Guide for the T-1 makes it easy to select the angle to sharpen your kitchen knife. Simply turn the thumbscrew to unlock the Angle Guide and move it until the needle points to the desired angle

The Angle Guide will adjust from 8 to 22 degrees. We typically recommend a 15 to 20 degree angle for most American and European knives. Japanese knives are often sharpened at a lower angle with 12 to 15 degrees being most common.

The T-1 Angle Guide can accommodate a wide range of knife sizes. There is no limit to the length of the knife that can be sharpened on the T-1. The Angle Guide can accommodate knives up to 2-3/8" tall and 3/16" thick.

Tormek T-1 Diamond Wheel

Conical Diamond Sharpening Wheel

The Diamond Wheel has a unique conical shape that makes sharpening fast and easy. The diamond abrasives are designed to sharpen any kitchen knife. The combination of the angle guide and the conical wheel shape make it very easy and convenient to use.

You start your sharpening on the Diamond Wheel. The Angle Guide holds the knife and the Diamond Wheel sharpens the edge of the knife. The wheel is designed to maintain knives but is easily capable of sharpening a very dull knife. You'll find that your first sharpening will take longer, but after your knife is sharpened for the first time, subsequent sharpenings will only take a minute on the wheel.

The Diamond Wheel uses 600 grit diamond abrasive. This grit is fine enough for the highest quality kitchen knives. Because it is a diamond abrasive, it quickly sharpens the hardest steel. The Diamond Wheel has an operating speed of 200 rpm.

Tormek T-1 Composite Wheel Close Up

Composite Honing Wheel

The Composite Honing Wheel is used after the Diamond Wheel. The Composite Wheel is what puts the final edge on your knife. The purpose of the Composite Wheel is to accomplish two important tasks. First, it creates an extremely fine and polished edge on your knife. Second, it removes the metal burr that was created while sharpening on the Diamond Wheel. A burr is created while sharpening on any sharpener. By polishing off the burr with the Composite Wheel, it creates a sharp and long-lasting edge.

Quality Materials

The Tormek T-1 is a sturdy and solid machine. The durable cast zinc housing anchors everything together to create a strong foundation for the sharpening machine. The powerful motor runs without vibration and creates a negligible 45 decibels while running. Even the details such as the power switch are sturdy and well designed.

Tormek Warranty and Manufacturing

For those that understand quality and versatility, there is no substitute for Tormek quality. Tormek has also given the T-1 an 8-year warranty, 5 years on purchase plus 3 years on registration of your new T-1. The T-1 is made in Sweden.

This motor is designed to work on 120V, we do not offer any 220V models and are unable to ship electric sharpeners outside the USA.



  Tormek T1
Housing Cast Zinc Top, ABS Plastic
Sharpening Wheel Diamond Fine 600 grit, Conical Diamond wheel 150 x 18 mm (5-7/8" x 5/8")
Honing Wheel Composite Wheel 160×30 mm (6-1/4"×1-3/16")
Carrying handle Hardwood
Motor 115 V 1~ 60 Hz, 120 W
Running speed 200 RPM
204 mm (8")
196 mm (7-3/4")
181 mm (7-1/8")
Weight excl. packing 5.4 kg (11.9 lbs)
Warranty 8 years (5 on purchase + 3 on registration)

Q. What is the main difference between the Tormek T-1 and the T-2?

A. The T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener is designed for home use while the T-2 Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener is designed for commercial use. They are both quality Swedish made machines, the T-1 is more compact and features an easy to use conical diamond wheel. The T-2 is designed for commercial kitchens and is certified for commercial use.

Q. Does the T-1 produce the same edge as the commercial/professional T-2?

A. Yes, the T-1 produces the same extremely fine edge as the T-2.

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