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Sharpening Supplies Double-Sided 8" Water Stones

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  • New 8" Size
  • American Made
  • 8" x 1 15/16" x 3/4"
  • Available in 220/1000, 1000/3000, 3000/8000, and 6000/10,000 Grit

Water Stones - Made in America

New 8" Doubled-Sided Water Stones are a very cost effective way to get multiple grits.

We are proud to introduce the Sharpening Supplies Double-Sided Water Stones, developed and manufactured right here in the US.

Fast Cutting and Hard Wearing

These are well balanced stones. They emphasize fast cutting action, some of the fastest we have seen. Yet they also keep their shape well, not requiring excessive resurfacing.

While the combination of fast cutting and hard wearing sounds pretty straight forward, it's actually a trick to pull off. With sharpening stones, there is a delicate balance between speed of cutting and ability to hold flatness. The two features don’t always go hand-in-hand. Often, stones are fast precisely because they break down quickly and expose fresh grit when used. Stones that don't break down as quickly on the other hand sacrifice some speed of cutting for the benefit of holding their shape longer. We're very pleased with how our Water Stones balance the two attributes.

Harder Bond

Sharpening Supplies Water Stones are constructed with a vitrified bond rather than a resin bond. We find that gives them a responsive feel in use. You can feel the cutting action while using these stones. They feel firm, not muddy or soft like some other water stones can. These hard-wearing water stones will outlast softer water stones.

They are a soaking stone and do need to be placed in water for 10-20 minutes until saturated before use. However, unlike other stones that discourage storage in water, the bond of Sharpening Supplies Water Stones will not degrade with long term water contact.

Double-Sided Grits

These stones are available in three double-sided grits: 220/1000, 1000/3000, 3000/8000, and 6000/10,000. These grit combinations are nicely spaced to offer you optimal sharpening performance.

Popular 8" Size

These stones measure 8" x 1 15/16" x 3/4". This popular size is ideal for most knife sharpening applications..


These stones are packaged in individual cardboard boxes. We securely package them in bubble wrap prior to shipment.

USA Made

This is not the least important point. We believe in sourcing American-made products whenever possible, so we're proud to say that our Water Stones are made right here in the USA.

Q. Do Sharpening Supplies Water Stones need to be flattened?

A. Yes. While they wear well as water stones go, Sharpening Supplies Water Stones will need to be flattened periodically. We suggest our Double-Time Flattening Stone for the job.

Q. Are these made the same as the other Sharpening Supplies Water Stones?

A. Yes, they are made of the same materials, they are just a different sizes and are double-sided.

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