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Shapton Coarse Surfacing Compound

by Shapton
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  • For 40 micron/500 grit or Coarse Water Stones
  • Use with Shapton Naoru Cast Iron Lapping System
  • Also for Cleaning Shapton Lapping Plates
  • 1/2 lb Bottle

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Flatten Shapton Stones and Clean Shapton Lapping Plates

Use with Shapton Naoru Cast Iron Lapping System

Shapton Coarse Surfacing Compound is the recommended abrasive to use for resurfacing their 120, 220 and 320 grit Ceramic Water Stones on the Naoru Cast Iron Lapping System.

The 120, 220 and 320 stones are too coarse for the Shapton Diamond Reference Lapping Plate or the Diamond Glass Lapping Plate. The Naoru Lapping System with Coarse Surfacing Compound is the recommended method for flattening these stones.

For Cleaning Shapton Lapping Plates

The Coarse Surfacing Compound is also used in conjunction with the Shapton Lapping Disc to clean Shapton’s Diamond Reference Lapping Plates and Diamond Glass Lapping Plates. Using plenty of water, sprinkle some compound on the plate then scrub with the lapping disk to clean the plate of built up waste material that can clog the diamond grit. Again, make sure to rinse the plate completely when finished to avoid transferring any of the compound to the next stone you flatten.

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