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Nano-Hone Super Bite Water Stones

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  • For Kitchen or Shop
  • Splash and Go
  • Precise Micron Sizing
  • Color Coded Base Plates
  • Fit Snugly on Nano-Hone Stone Stage

For Kitchen or Shop

Nano-Hone Water Stones deliver a fantastic edge whether you are using them in your shop on woodworking tools or in your kitchen on high end knives. The comprehensive system of stones, holders, ponds and strops is equally easy to use on a work bench or over a kitchen sink. Nano-Hone stones are perfect for the craftsman or chef who is particular about their edges.

State of the Art Stones

The matrices of the water stones are based on silicone wafer designs. Practically speaking, no industry knows more about super small structures than the semiconductor makers. So Nano-Hone's Hap Stanley put together a team of semiconductor scientists and engineers from the US and Japan, and worked with them for 3 years to develop these stones

Each Nano Hone stone is designed to remove the scratches from the previous stone efficiently and completely. For example, the 6 micron (3K) will competently remove the scratches from the 15 micron (1K) stone. The abrasive matrix is highly uniform throughout its thickness, insuring consistent results for the life of the stone.

All Nano-Hone Water Stones are on anodized aluminum plates that are machined for flatness. Having the stones mounted in the fashion has several benefits: the stones are protected, the aluminum is laser engraved and color coded for easy identification, and because the stone remains effective until its copy paper thin, the life of the stone is significantly increased.

Splash and Go Sharpening

Nano-Hone Super Bite Water Stones offer true splash and go sharpening. Made with non-porous ceramics, they do not require soaking before use. Spray or splash them with some water and they are ready to go.

Precisely Sized Grit - Color Coded Bases

The ceramic abrasive of the Nano-Hone Water Stones is precisely sized, and each Nano-Hone Water Stone is mounted to a sturdy Aluminum Base Plate that does more than simply provide stability. The Base Plates are clearly labeled and color-coded, making it easy to identify your stones.
The grits and colors are:

  • Red - 70 micron/200 grit
  • Blue - 35 micron/400 grit
  • Gold - 15 micron/1,000 grit
  • Grey - 6 micron/3,000 grit
  • Olive - 2 micron/6,000 grit
  • Black - 1 micron/10,000 grit
  • Purple - .5 micron/30,000 grit

Precise Fit with Stone Stage

The Nano-Hone Water Stones are designed to work with the Nano-Hone Stone Stage. Each stone's Aluminum Base Plate has two holes which fit on to pins on the massive Stone Stage stone holder for a stable sharpening experience.

Tidy Sharpening with Sharpening Pond

To get even more from the Nano-Hone sharpening experience, put your Nano-Hone Stone Stage in the Nano-Hone Sharpening Pond to keep the water contained.

Generous Size

The Nano-Hone Water Stones measure 210 mm x 75 mm (8" x 2 7/8") providing ample room for sharpening. The abrasive layer is 10mm (7/16") thick for a long service life. The Aluminum Base Plate is 6mm (1/4") thick making for a sturdy stone.

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