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10" x 4" Magnetic Strop

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  • 10" x 4" Strop Surface
  • Magnetic Backing
  • Sized to Fit DMT Diamond Stones
  • Smooth or Suede Leather

Strops Designed for use with Diamond Stones

Strops are an easy way to put the finishing touches on freshly sharpened blades as well as to maintain sharp ones. Diamond stones are among the most user friendly of sharpening stones. To bring these two good things together, we designed a line of strops specifically for use with diamond stones. They will magnetically adhere to diamond stones and are sized to match as well.

Magnetic Backing

These strops are made of the same premium leather found in our other strops, affixed to a flexible magnetic backing. Diamond stones are made of diamonds plated onto a steel base. The magnetic backing of the strop will stick to the steel of the diamond stone. So you can simply lay the strop on top of the diamond stone for a stable, secure stropping surface.

The magnetism of the flexible backing is strong, these strops won't slip or slide with use. But the flexibility of the magnetic backing also means the strops are also easy to put on or take off of the diamond stones. As a bonus, these strops don't take up a lot of room when not in use.

Fits 10" x 4" DMT Brand Diamond Stones

The 10" x 4" Magnetic Strops are sized to fit specific DMT Brand Diamond Stones:

Smooth or Suede Leather

Strops can be made with smooth leather (grain side) or suede leather (flesh side). When deciding which one to carry we had to consider not only our own preferences but also the preferences of others for woodworking tools, carving tools, and knife sharpening. We even put them to a performance test and in the end, either one worked great. Instead of just carrying one type, we decided to carry both.

    Smooth - The smooth leather option is a very firm piece of leather. This leather is selected specifically for the smooth side only. If the leather is too hard, it just doesn't doesn't work well and doesn't accept compound well. If the leather is too soft, it doesn't produce as fine of an edge and won't hold up. This leather is more durable than the soft.
    Suede - The rough side uses the opposite side of the leather (it is technically called the flesh side). The leather we use is selected for its flesh side properties. This leather is different leather than our smooth side leather. In our research, the leather that makes a good suede side is different than the leather that makes a good smooth side. Our suede leather is a little softer than the smooth leather. The suede leather accepts compound very readily.

Use With or Without Compound

Strops can be used with or without a honing compound. With a compound applied, stropping is fast and leaves a mirror polish. Used plain, stropping smooths the edge and removes any burr. Truly sharp results can be achieved with either method.

Our Magnetic Strops work well with the DMT Brand Dia-Paste Diamond Compounds and DiaSpray, or our own Green Honing Compound.

These strops are proudly made by Sharpening Supplies in the USA.

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