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DMT DiaSpray

by DMT
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  • Finest DMT Diamond Grit Available
  • .5 Micron Particle Size
  • Easily Apply To Strop

NEW DMT DiaSpray

DMT DiaSpray™ is a great way to achieve the finest edge possible on knives, straight razors and woodworking tools. The .5 micron diamond particles are accurately graded so you can feel confident that your edge is being carefully honed. .85 oz. (25 ml) per bottle. (Please note: The DiaSpray pump spray bottle will appear approximately half full upon receipt and needs to be shaken well before use.)

We had a chance to try the DMT DiaSpray and we were very pleased with the results. Below is a short version of the test results.

DMT Dia Spray Test Results:

I began with a knife that was already very sharp. The knife would slice paper very cleanly, however, it wouldn't pass my test for the very finest level of sharpness. For my finest test, I hold a piece of paper vertically in one hand and then without any slicing motion, I cut the paper cleanly without bending the paper. Since the knife didn't pass this test, I used a dry leather strop to see if it would improve the level of sharpness. I made only a few passes to see if the knife's sharpness would improve. It didn't. Next, I moved to the Dia Spray to see if the knife would pass under the same modest number of strokes. It did, but not on all areas of the knife, as I obviously missed a few spots. Just two more passes on the strop made the entire edge extremely sharp. I was able to use all the parts of the knife to cleanly push through the paper.

My hope was that the Dia Spray would provide a noticeable improvement to the speed of stropping and produce a edge that passed my most difficult test. It passed everything.

Chief Product Tester

Q. What type of leather do you recommend for the DMT DiaSpray?

A. We recommend a smooth rather than suede type leather. Any of our razor strops as well as any of our strops sold with the smooth option are perfect for the DiaSpray. The suede type leather will work fine if you already have a leather strop with suede type leather. Purchase leather strop.

Q. Do you recommend using the DiaSpray on a DMT Diamond Stone?

A. No, the DiaSpray is super fine diamond. The .5 micron particle size is much smaller than on any DMT stone. It will not add grit to a DMT stone. The purpose of the DiaSpray is to provide an extremely fine abrasive to a non-abrasive substrate.

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