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Mini Chantry Black

by Chantry
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The Mini Chantry Knife Sharpening Steel is a smaller version of the famous Chantry. Steeling your knives is one of the most productive methods for keeping kitchen knives sharp but it is also one of the most misunderstood. Unlike sharpening which removes metal from the edge, steeling is really aligning the edge in a less aggressive manner. A properly steeled edge has the knife edge in alignment so the edge cuts in a nice fine line. An edge that is not properly aligned has a portion of the edge that is starting to fold over or is just out of alignment.

By understanding the benefits of steeling, you can understand the limitations of steeling. Because its purpose isn't to remove metal from the edge, it cannot take a dull edge and refine it to a new sharpened edge. That is the purpose of the sharpener. Sharpeners come in many different forms such as stones or even quality electric sharpeners. You can even take your knives to be sharpened professionally from time to time if you prefer not to sharpen your knives yourself. The purpose of the Chantry Steel is to keep your knives sharp so you don't have to sharpen your knives as frequently.

Easy to Use
The Mini Chantry Knife Sharpening Steel is so easy to use. You just pull the knife though the steel vertically. The carefully aligned steels do all the work. Just a few passes and your knife is properly steeled. We know many of our customers have steels in their knife block but just don't use it because they just don't feel comfortable with it. The Chantry is so easy to use that everyone can now experience the benefits of a perfectly steeled edge like professional chefs have enjoyed for years.

Quality Construction
The Mini Chantry uses the same quality steeling rods as the larger versions. They are securely held in place in a spring loaded mechanism, providing a positive feel when bringing the knife though the tool. The exterior of the unit is made of durable black plastic.

Instructions for Using the Chantry Knife Sharpener

  • Wipe the knife blade to keep the machine clean.
  • Draw the knife between the steels as if slicing bread, using enough pressure to engage the steels.
  • More dull knives may require more steeling.
  • For best results, use the Chantry Knife Sharpener frequently. You may use it every time you use your knife.
  • Please note in some cases, a micro-serration may be left on the blade, as part of the sharpening process.

The Mini Chantry has a footprint of 3" x 1 1/4"

Q. Do you recommend steeling all kitchen knives?

A. While most kitchen knives benefit from steeling, we don't recommend steeling every knife. Traditional Japanese knives are not generally steeled. The finer edges of these knives are more delicate because the steel is not as tough (harder is generally less tough) and it is sharpened to a finer angle.

Q. Is this a sharpener or a steel?

A. The Chantry is a steel. Yes, Chantry calls it a sharpener but fully acknowledges that it is a steel. Yes, it helps keep knives sharp but it does it by steeling, not removing metal like a sharpener does.

Q. Is the Mini Chantry available in other colors?

A. The Mini Chantry is available in any color so long as it is black.

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