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Atoma Diamond Plate

by Atoma
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  • Choose From 4 Grits
  • Replaceable Diamond Sheets
  • Precision Placed Clusters of Diamonds
  • Convenient Size

Sharpening Supplies Now Offers Atoma Diamond Plates

A New Approach to Diamond Plates

Whether you need them for sharpening or for flattening other stones, Atoma Diamond Plates have features that set them apart from other diamond sharpening stones.

Precision Placed Diamond Clusters
Instead of randomly coating the plate with diamonds, Atoma Plates have precisely placed clusters of monocrystalline diamonds laid out in a pattern on the surface of a stainless steel sheet. This arrangement creates a even, fast cutting surface more aggressive than randomly placed diamonds. And the geometric patterning creates channels between the clusters for waste material to collect, allowing it to get out of the way so the stone continues to cut without clogging.

Replaceable Abrasive Sheets

The diamonds are mounted to a 1mm thick sheet of stainless steel. This diamond covered sheet of steel is then mounted to a 10mm (3/8") thick piece of precision flattened aluminum. The resulting plate is reliably flat, sturdy and relatively light. And while the Atoma Plates last quite well, the diamond coated sheets are replaceable. Atoma Diamond Sheets Only are available in all four grits.

Practical Diamond Stones

Atoma Diamond Plates are Conveniently Sized

210mm (8-1/4") long x 75mm (2-13/16") wide, the Atoma Diamond plates are a great size, with plenty of surface area for use as sharpening stones or as lapping plates for flattening other stones.

Available in 4 grits

Depending on your need, you can opt for any or all of four grits:

  • 140 grit (88 - 105 microns) - for aggressive material removal reshaping edges or flattening stones
  • 400 grit (37 - 44 microns) - fast removal, but leaves a smoother surface
  • 600 grit (30 - 40 microns) - refines edges, smooths stone surfaces
  • 1200 grit (10 - 20 microns) - for fine edges or the smoothest stone surfaces

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