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Herold - Solingen Red/Black Solid Strop Paste

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  • Red Medium Grit Paste
  • Black Fine Grit Paste
  • Soft and Easy to Spread
  • Each block 1-1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2"

Medium and Fine Stropping Pastes in One Package

The Herold - Solingen Red/Black Solid Strop Paste Pack contains two individually wrapped blocks of paste. One Red Medium Grit and one Black Fine Grit. Use these pastes to create a series of stropping surfaces for your razor progressing from the medium to the fine and then finish stropping on plain leather to create the best possible edge. Stropping Pastes are perfect for use when your razor has just stared to go dull, but just needs a little touching up. Using them will help you maintain a shave ready razor longer without needing to break out the sharpening stones as often.

The Herold - Solingen Pastes are soft and buttery. They spread onto a strop surface with ease. Simply rub the stick on the surface like a crayon. A little goes a long way, so though small, these sticks will be all you need for quite some time. They are perfect for use with strops like the HS152RI to make dedicated strops of different grits.

Each block measures 1-1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2"

Red Paste

This is the medium grit paste, with abrasive particles of 2-4 microns. It gives a near mirror polish and is a great lead in grit to the finer Black Paste. Also available as Red Tube Paste for those that prefer, it is the paste that is pre-loaded on one side of the HS56RI Adjustable Strop.

Black Paste

The Black Paste is the finest grit of the Herold - Solingen Stropping Pastes. Truly a polishing paste, it leaves a mirror finish and is intended as a final abrasive before finishing on leather. Unlike the Red Paste, which is available in both stick and tube forms, the Black Paste is only available in stick form.

Q. Do I need to apply fresh paste every time I strop?

A. No. The paste does not need to be renewed every time. One application should be enough for many stropping sessions.

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