Silicon Carbide 4" x 1" Pocket Stone

Silicon Carbide 4" x 1" Pocket Stone

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  • Silicon Carbide Abrasive
  • Available in 3 grits
  • Handy 4" x 1" x 1/2" Size
  • American Made


American Made Silicon Carbide Stones in a Handy Pocket Size

Sometimes you need a good sharpening stone in a small size. These silicon carbide stones are just the thing. At just 4" x 1" x 1/2", they're small enough to store easily, but still a good size to get a grip on for fast and effective sharpening. And these stones are proudly made for us in the US.

Available in 3 Grits. Choose the one that suits your need or save when you get all three.

  • Coarse - 120 Grit
  • Medium - 180-220 Grit
  • Fine - 320 Grit

Part numbers on stones:

  • Coarse - 91011
  • Medium - 92011
  • Fine - 93011

Q. How do these stones fit in with other types grit wise?

A. Silicon carbide stones are similar to aluminum oxide and are on the coarse end of the overall grit spectrum. After using the fine silicon carbide, if you would like to progress to finer grits try the Arkansas Pocket Stones, starting with the Soft Arkansas and progressing through the Hard Arkansas or the Hard Black Arkansas.

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