Magna-Matic MAG-200-4H Dust Collector for MAG-8100 & MAG-8200 Sharpeners

Magna-Matic MAG-200-4H Dust Collector for MAG-8100 & MAG-8200 Sharpeners

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  • Safely Collect Sparks and Dust
  • Works With MAG-8100 and MAG-8200
  • 4" Inlet
  • 16" Long Hose


Dust Collection for MAG-8100 and MAG-8200 Series Sharpeners

The Magna-Matic MAG-200-4H Dust Collector is specifically set up for the MAG-8100 Standard Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener 1/3 HP or the MAG-8100 Standard Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener 1/2 HP as well as the MAG-8200 Series Sharpeners. MAG-200-4H Dust Collector.

This is an industrial quality dust collector designed for dry metal grinding of lawn mower blades. The MAG-200-4H features 3 stages of filtration a metal mesh and has a quiet 70 decibel operating noise level.

Connection Note

In order to connect your 8100 sharpener to the dust collector you will need the 8200-77 Grit Guard with 4" Dust Collection Port.

Filtration Features

The MAG-200 features 3 stages of filtration that safely draw live sparks, dust, and grit.

Three Stages of Filtration:

  • METAL MESH FILTER - Breaks up air flow and kills sparks.
  • MERV 8 FILTER - Removes particles 3 micron in size and larger.
  • MERV 13 FILTER - Removes particles 0.3 to 1 micron in size.

What 's Included

The MAG-200-4H comes with:

  • MAG-200 Dust Collector
  • 4" diameter Inlet - Part 200-36
  • Metal Mesh Filter (installed) - Part # 200-12
  • MERV 8 Pad Filter (installed) - Part# 200-15
  • 4" diameter Spiral Hose 16" long
  • Third Stage Filter Shroud
  • MERV 13 Pleated Filter - Part# 200-17

Mounts to MAG-10400 Sharpening Service Center Stand

The MAG-200-4H can be mounted to the MAG-10400 Sharpening Service Center Stand by using the MAG-200-20-KIT.


  • Weight - 67.00 LBS
  • Width - 13"
  • Height - 19.00"
  • Depth - 15.00"
  • CFM - 400
  • Pressure - 6.5" H2O @ 0 CFM
  • 70 Decibel
  • 110v / 60Hz
  • 7 foot long cord
  • 14/7 amps (Start/Run)
  • 0.5 HP
  • 3450 RPM
  • Direct drive
  • Made in the USA.

    Includes 2 year manufacturer warranty from Magna-Matic.

    Professional Machines Return Policy

    This machine is intended for professional use. As per our Professional Machines Returns Policy, returns will only be accepted for new, unused machines. A 25% restock fee will be charged for new, unused returns. In cases of manufacturing defect, please contact us for replacement information.

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