Lansky Tri-Stone Bench Stone

Lansky Tri-Stone Bench Stone

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  • 3 Stone System
  • Fine Ceramic, Medium Aluminum Oxide and Coarse Diamond


The Lansky Tri-Stone Bench Stone is an economical system with coarse, medium and fine grits. Each of the three sides not only has a different grit but a different material chosen specifically for the application. The coarse is a fast sharpening diamond stone. The medium is an aluminum oxide stone. The fine is a ceramic stone which leaves a very fine surface on the edges of knives and tools. Each stone measures 6" x 2".

All of the stones are securely held in the Tri-Stone base. There is no need for an additional stone holder, the base holds the stones in a nice position above your work surface. Rubber feet keep the base stable and secure.

This product is made in the USA by Lansky.


Step 1- Select the proper stone for your edge.
Coarse Diamond Stone - For re-profiling a completely dull or damaged edge
Medium Alumina Oxide Stone - To maintain an undamaged, slightly dull edge
Fine Ceramic Stone - To hone/polish a finished edge

Step 2 - Set the Tri-Stone Benchstone base on a stable, flat surface with the stone you have selected facing up.

Note - Lubrication of any kind is not recommended while sharpening on any of the three stones. DO NOT USE HONING OIL ON THE DIAMOND STONE.

Step 3 - Observe the bevel angle on the blade you intend to sharpen. Then, bring the edge to the stone matching your sharpening angle to the bevel angle.

Step 4 - Using light pressure, push the edge of the blade across the stone in one motion, much like trying to slice a thin layer off the top of the stone. Maintaining a consistent angle is essential for the best results.

Step 5 - Repeat process 3-4 times on one side of the blade then switch to the other side and repeat.

Step 6 - Repeat this process until edge is sharp then progress to finer stones and repeat.

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