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Lansky Curved Blade Hone

Lansky Curved Blade Hone

Item # HR

Coarse - $7.99
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Medium - $8.99
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Fine - $9.99
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Ultra-Fine - $10.99
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4-Pack - $33.99
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  • 4 Different Grits: Coarse 120, Medium 280, Fine 600, Ultra-Fine 1000
  • Save when you buy the set!


Specifically designed to sharpen inwardly curved blades such as kukris, karambits, hawkbills and scythes. These hones will quickly bring any inwardly curved blade from completely dull to razor sharp. These hones were designed to be used with the Lansky Guided Systems but can be used freehand.

Choose from four different grits:

  • Coarse 120 Grit (Black/Charcoal):
    For quickly producing a cutting edge on inwardly curved blades such as a hawkbill or karambit. (Lansky Item # HR120)
  • Medium 280 Grit (Dark Gray/Gold):
    Excellent for keeping a sharp edge on inwardly curved blades such as a hawkbill or karambit. (Lansky Item # HR280)
  • Fine 600 Grit (Gray/Pale Green):
    For refining an already sharp edge on inwardly curved blades such as a hawkbill or karambit. (Lansky Item # HR600)
  • Ultra-Fine 1000 Grit (Light Gray/Pale Green):
    For polishing an already sharp edge to razor sharpness on inwardly curved blades such as a karambit, kukri, hawkbill, etc. (Lansky Item # HR1000)
  • 4 Pack:
    The Coarse, Medium , Fine and Ultra-Fine together as a set. (Lansky Item # HRSET)

Q. Will this work on any curved blade?

A. It will work on almost any curved blade. About the only curve it won't work on would be the very tight curve of a gut hook.

Q. Can you use these freehand or do they require the Lansky Guide Rods?

A. We recommend using the guide rods. However, these stones work unguided in your hand. The grips on the back of the stone make it easier to hold than the average small stone.

Q. Do you have other sharpeners for curved knives?

A. Yes, we recommend sharpeners with a curved edge. We have a number of sharpeners that will sharpen curved edges. Other Curved Knife Sharpeners

Q. Do you have any information on sharpening a curved edge?

A. Yes, an information page on sharpening curved knives.

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