F. Dick 12" Sapphire Cut Oval Steel with Ebony Handle

F. Dick 12" Sapphire Cut Oval Steel with Ebony Handle

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  • 12" Sharpening Length
  • Sapphire Cut
  • Oval Profile
  • Ebony Handle with Silver Nickle Inlays


F. Dick Steels and Sharpeners

A Special Steel

The 12" Sapphire Cut Oval Steel with Ebony Handle is a showpiece steel. The special Sapphire Cut is extremely fine, smoother than even the F. Dick Fine Cut. The Sapphire Cut provides very low abrasion, serving to polish and straighten edges that are only slightly worn. The oval shape ensures maximum contact with the blade. The ebony handle has nickle-silver inlays that are suitable for engraving.

Made To Be Used

Of course all F. Dick steels are designed to look good, and the Ebony Handled Oval steel certainly does look good, but they are also intended to be practical tools for demanding chefs. This steel is meant to be used. It features a large, comfortable handle. A metal guard looks sharp and keeps hands protected, and a sturdy metal ring in the handle provides a convenient means of storage.

Highest Quality Sharpening Steels Since 1873

And F. Dick has been around even longer than that. Johann Friedrich Dick founded the company in 1778 to manufacture files. They began making sharpening steels in 1873, and have been producing the finest quality steels in Germany as a family owned business ever since. They are rightfully proud of their manufacturing process. The cuts on each steel are made using files also produced by F. Dick. The steels are hardened to 66HRc, surface coated for lasting corrosion protection, and handles are permanently mounted. Each steel is quality checked and stamped "F. DICK Made in Germany". You can be assured that you are getting time-tested quality when you purchase these steels.

Q. How does the Sapphire Cut relate to the other steels?

A. F. Dick steels come in a range of coarseness. The coarser the steel, the rougher an edge it will create. The smoother the steel, the finer of an edge it will produce. From coarsest to finest, the F. Dick Steels progress: Diamond, Standard Cut, Fine Cut, Sapphire Cut, Polished.

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