DMT QuickEdge Aligner Kit

DMT QuickEdge Aligner Kit

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The DMT® QuickEdge Aligner Kit is a fast and economical way to put an edge on just about any knife. The most difficult aspect of knife sharpening has always been finding and keeping the correct sharpening angle. The aligner system takes the guesswork out of sharpening by allowing you to select your sharpening angle and keep your stone and knife perfectly aligned for the sharpest edge possible. This system can be used by inexperienced sharpeners to get that professional edge, or used by more experienced sharpeners to save time and ensure the most accurate sharpening angle.

The kit includes interchangeable stone holder and knife clamp, two diamond stones, and storage pouch.

Choose your desired grit combination: Fine / Coarse or Extra-Fine /Fine.

Made in the USA.

Video Demonstration of the DMT Aligner

DMT Color Coded System Key

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