DMT 8" Dia-Sharp Diamond Stone

DMT 8" Dia-Sharp Diamond Stone

Item # D8

Extra Fine Grit - $82.99 $62.99 (Save 24%)
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Fine Grit - $82.99 $62.99 (Save 24%)
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Coarse Grit - $82.99 $62.99 (Save 24%)
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Extra Coarse Grit - $82.99 $62.99 (Save 24%)
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  • 4 Grits Available (Extra Coarse, Coarse, Fine, Extra Fine)
  • Generous 8" x 3" Size
  • Continuous Diamond Surface
  • Our Most Popular Individual Diamond Stone


Versatile, flat, continuous surface stones

The Dia-Sharp® line of DMT® diamond stones feature a continuous diamond surface embedded on a sturdy nickel coated steel base. A continuous surface diamond stone is preferred when sharpening small or pointed tools that can get caught in the interrupted surface of other DMT stones, or where other stones can get gouged by the pointed tips. The surface of the Dia-Sharp stones are precision ground to be very flat, and are some of the easiest and most versatile stones available.

Dia-Sharp diamond stones measure 8" long and 3" wide. The size is plenty large for most tools and knives. Includes four rubber feet to keep the stone in place during sharpening.

Available in Extra Coarse, Coarse, Fine, and Extra Fine.

DMT stones are made in the USA

Choose from 4 grits

When purchasing a DMT Dia-Sharp stone, you must choose a grit in the selection box found above. The stones are available in all of the standard DMT grits (Extra Coarse, Coarse, Fine, Extra Fine). When used together, these grits can turn a very dull edge into a truly sharp edge.

  • D8X - Extra Coarse Grit (220 grit) for fast sharpening of very dull edges.
  • D8C - Coarse Grit (325 grit) for sharpening of dull edges or to refine after using the extra coarse.
  • D8F - Fine Grit (600 grit) for refining coarsely sharpened edges or sharpening only moderately dull edges.
  • D8E - Extra Fine Grit (1200 grit) for putting a very fine edge on a nearly sharp tool.
  • Purchase all 4 grits and save. D8 Dia-Sharp Diamond Kit

Other grits available for specific uses

The 8" Dia-Sharp stones are also available in specialty grits other than the standard four listed above. Prices for these other grits will vary.

  • D8XX - Extra Extra Coarse Grit (120 grit) for extremely fast metal removal.
  • D8ME - Medium Extra Fine Grit (4000 grit) for finishing a very fine edge.
  • D8EE - Extra Extra Fine Grit (8000 grit) for the finest possible diamond stone edge.


DMT Color Coded System Key

Q. Are the grits on the Dia-Sharp stones the same as on the color coded DMT stones?

A. Yes. The Extra Coarse corresponds to the Black, the Coarse to the Blue, the Fine to the Red and the Extra Fine to the Green on the color coded stones.

For other frequently asked questions, see our list of DMT and Diamond Stone FAQs.

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