6" DMT Diamond Kitchen Kit

6" DMT Diamond Kitchen Kit

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  • Great Value!
  • 4 Stone Grits (Extra Fine, Fine, Coarse, Extra Coarse)
  • 12" Extra Fine Diamond Steel
  • Fine Serrated Knife Sharpener


This DMT Kitchen Kit was Designed to Sharpen Every Knife in Your Kitchen

The 6" Diamond Kitchen Kit includes everything you need to sharpen all of your kitchen knives. The kit includes four 6" stones (extra coarse, coarse, fine, extra fine), a 12" Extra Fine Diamond Steel and a Serrated Knife Sharpener. These items are essential for sharpening your entire set of kitchen knives.

Diamond Stones

This kit features four DMT 6" Diamond Whetstones. You will receive the Extra Coarse (black), Coarse (blue), Fine (red) and Extra Fine (green) stones. These are the most popular grits for kitchen sharpening. The extra coarse stone will be used on your dullest knives. The coarse and fine stones will be used to refine your edge. The extra fine stone will be used to put the final touches on your edge for a sharp “bite”. After using these four stones, your knives will perform as good, or better, than when first purchased.

Sharpening Steel

The DMT 12" Sharpening Steel is an extra-fine steel to keep your sharp edges sharp. The steel maintains your knife edge by re-aligning the blade and sharpens without having to take out your stones every time. We recommend the steel be used regularly to keep your knives sharp. We've found this steel to give kitchen knives a good edge for meats, vegetables and just about any kitchen cutting need.

Using the steel is easier than it seems. Gently run the knife across the length of the steel at a twenty degree angle. If after a few strokes the edge doesn't seem sharp, it is time to move back to your stones for sharpening.

Serrated Knife Sharpener

Often people neglect sharpening their serrated knives, but with a little effort, you will notice the difference in the cutting quality of your serrated knives if you do so. The DMT Serrated Knife Sharpener is designed for bread knives, serrated steak knives and any other serrated knives in your kitchen. In just 3 or 4 strokes you can sharpen each serration and have a properly sharpened knife. Unlike a flat stone, the conical shaped serrated knife sharpener will get into each gullet to sharpen the entire edge for vastly improved cutting. The fine grit is our recommendation for kitchen knives.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Diamond stones are so popular in the kitchen because they are the easy to use and maintain. Unlike stones that require maintenance to keep the surface flat, DMT diamond stones arrive flat and stay flat for the life of the stone. Another advantage of diamond stones is that they only require a quick splash of water to use. There are no messy oils needed or recommended. And lastly, when you're done using your stones, they only need a quick rinse of water followed by a quick dry, and they're ready to be put away.

Quality Diamond Abrasives

DMT uses only monocrystalline diamonds with all of their products. These high quality diamonds offer much better wear characteristics and sharpen more quickly than competitors. DMT quality ensures that your stones will last a very long time and you will spend less time sharpening and more time cooking.


We put this kit together to provide a well matched set of sharpening tools that offer both quality and value. We’ve talked with thousands of people over the last 10 years in the sharpening business and we know this kit will fill the needs of our kitchen knife sharpening customer. This kit offers a great balance of cost and quality that can keep your kitchen knives sharp for a lifetime.

If you purchased these items separately you'd spend quite a bit more to put these items together. The list price for all of these items purchased separately is $226.82.

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