Lansky Double-Sided Folding Diamond Sharpening Paddles

Lansky Double-Sided Folding Diamond Sharpening Paddles

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The Lansky Double-Sided Folding Diamond Sharpening Paddles offer two diamond sharpening surfaces in one small tool. The paddles fold up for convenient storing and carrying and have a comfortable nylon handle for greater sharpening performance. The diamond stone measures 3-1/2" long x 7/8" wide. The length of the paddle when open is 9" (including the diamond stone) and 5" when closed.

The double-sided paddles come in two grit combinations:
Coarse/Fine (120/600 grit) - Lansky Item No. FP-1260 (Black w/red accent color)
Medium/Fine (280/600 grit) - Lansky Item No. FP-2860 (Black w/gray accent color)


Step 1 - Begin by opening the plastic handles.

Step 2 - To sharpen a knife, hold the sharpener handles firmly in one hand and the knife in the other.

Step 3 - Place the end of the sharpener on a stable surface. Draw the knife edge down the paddle at the proper angle, as if you were attempting to slice a thin layer off the top of the paddle. Repeat this motion 3 – 4 times using light to moderate pressure. Maintain a consistent angle for the best results.

Step 4 - Switch to the other side of the blade's edge and repeat the sharpening process to finish the edge.

Note: Do not apply oil to Lansky Diamond surface: clean diamond hones instead with water and wipe shavings away with a lint-free rag. Diamond hones should be completely dry before next usage.

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