Angle Guide Set for Sharpening Steels

Angle Guide Set for Sharpening Steels

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  • Includes 14, 16, 18 and 20 degree guides
  • Fits any Sharpening Steel or Honing Rod
  • Will not scratch your knife


Set of 4 Angle Guides works with any sharpening steel or honing rod. Get the right angle every time.

Many people find that using a sharpening steel or honing rod isn't quite as easy as it looks. Finding the right angle to hold the knife against the steel can be difficult. The Set of Angle Guides for Sharpening Steels solves that problem with four guides in commonly used angles.

Easy to Use

Choose the guide that matches the bevel angle of your knife. The set includes 14, 16, 18 and 20 degree guides. If your knife is sharpened to an angle other than one of these, choose the next higher angle guide.

Fit the Angle Guide over your steel and slide it up to the handle.

Rest your knife against the guide. This gives you the proper starting position. Then, using a smooth motion with light pressure, slide your knife the length of the steel while pulling the knife from the heel to the tip of the blade. Do several strokes on both sides of the blade.

Q. Does the Angle Guide move with the knife?

A. No. The angle guide stays in place near the handle of the steel or rod. The guide provides a reference for the proper starting position of your knife.

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Received my Sharpening System today,(Norton IM83) and I've got to tell you that I am excited about using this product. I've been in the meat cutting business for 45 years, and as you can imagine, I've used allot of different types and styles of sharpening equipment. I have had 3 Norton Multi-Oil Stone units in my lifetime, and then I see this IM83 and I think that this is what I need to carry with me when and wherever I go. I just LOVE this little box full of expertise equipment to keep me sharp and at a razors edge. Thank you for the service, it was fast and easy, and I received it within 3 days of ordering. I know knives and how they work, and I can't wait to start putting that edge on my "other" knives I own.
Karl L, Omaha, NE