USA Made Water Stone

Our Sharpening Supplies Water Stones are all made in the USA.

If you were to get just one, we recommend the 220/1000 grit stone. The 220 grit is coarse enough to quickly repair damage and raise a burr on the dullest of edges, and the 1000 grit is fine enough to get a working edge on most knives.

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I recently placed my first order after finding you on the web while looking for grinding wheels. I am a customer for life. Here's why. My first order was a simple white grinding wheel for a "normal joe's shop". When I received the wrong wheel (150 grit instead of the ordered 100 grit) I called and without hesitation or the 3rd degree another wheel was sent off. No questioning of my integrity, intelligence or honor. Simply "I am sorry, we'll send the correct wheel off immediately..." The right thing was done by a neat guy. I was treated like an adult. Unbelievable in this day and age...proper...and priceless. Price, performance, responsiveness and customer service par excel-lance. 6-Stars! All my sharpening orders, albeit small shop orders, will now be with you. Promote you I will.
Greg T, Iowa