Product Spotlight: Tormek T 4 Bushcraft

The Tormek T-4 Bushcraft is designed to sharpen knives and axes. It comes with both the Knife Jig and the Axe jig. It is based on the Tormek T-4, but is painted hunter green for the outdoor market. You can even purchase other jigs to sharpen other tools in the future.

If you just have a single pocketknife, the T4 Bushcraft is probably a bit more than you need. But if you regularly sharpen axes, knives, and machetes, this may be the perfect solution. The key benefit of using this machine is speed and accuracy. It is clearly much faster than using sharpening stones, and the jigs allow it to be much more accurate than any bench grinder.

For many of us that do a lot of sharpening, the hollow grind created by the T-4 can be a real advantage. A hollow grind is a very easy edge to touch up with a stone or strop. The hollow grind allows you to sharpen without having to remove metal from the whole edge when using a stone or strop. The T-4 can either replace your current sharpening setup or will compliment it nicely.

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Just received the items I ordered! Thank you for the prompt shipping and responses to my inquiries. I will definitely order again from you. Your service is outstanding! Mahalo from Hawaii!
Albert B, Hawaii