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Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife Sharpener Mk. 2

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  • Sharpens All Types of Knives
  • 15° to 30° Range
  • Adjusts in .5° increments
  • New 7 Speed Motor
  • Leather Lined Guides
  • Easier Belt Changes

Precision and Speed with the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Mk. 2

Experience precision and speed with the Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener Mk.2. Designed for edge enthusiasts and knife collectors alike, the Ken Onion Mk.2 employs flexible abrasive belts and electronic speed control to deliver professional-level sharpening results quickly and consistently.

This sharpener ensures precision, incredibly keen edges, and fast results with its premium abrasive belt selection and leather-lined sharpening guides. Sharpen pocket knives, outdoor blades, kitchen knives, scissors, and a wide range of lawn and garden tools like axes, mower blades, and pruners. Developed in partnership with knife-making legend Ken Onion, this sharpener brings the proven technology used by professionals straight to your home or shop.

Innovative Features

The Ken Onion Mk.2 builds on the established excellence of the Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition with thoughtful and practical improvements to all parts of the sharpener:

Sharpening Guides

  • 15° - 30° per side range
  • Click Control Precision and Consistency to 0.5°
  • Leather Lining Reduces Blade Scratching
  • Improved Guide Control for Smaller Knives
  • Improved Thumb Stud and Handle Clearance

Motor and Speed Control

  • Electronic Speed Control
  • 7 Speed Settings Improves Consistency
  • LED Speed Setting Display is Easy To Use
  • Lower Speed Improves Precision and Comfort
  • Higher Power and Torque For Consistent Power
  • Electronic Speed Lock Out is Safer and Easier

Sharpening Cassette

  • Lock Out Belt Tensioner for Easier Belt Changes
  • Edge Guide 2.0 Improves Belt Access
  • Scissor and Tool Sharpening
  • Improved Belt Tracking and Adjustment

Power Base

  • Improved Metal and Plastic Design
  • Accepts Blade Grinder Mk.2 (only)
  • Improved Comfort and Weight Balance
  • 3 Year Warranty

Do It All with the Ken Onion Mk.2

Maintain 15° to 30° angles with confidence while sharpening and honing without blade scratching. Reap the benefits of the variable, seven speed motor, using low-speed control for knives, and high-speed power for tools. The LED display makes it easy to track your speed. Sharpen scissiors with the 65° Scissor Guide. Enjoy the wide range of 3/4" x 12" Belts, including (1 ea.)P120 (Extra Coarse), X65 (Coarse), X22 (Medium), X4 (Fine), and a 1/2" x 12" 6000 (Extra Fine). The Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener Mk.2 User’s Guide will walk you through all the steps.

Ken Onion Signature Edition

Work Sharp partnered with legendary knife maker and designer Ken Onion when they revolutionized home sharpeners with their top-of-the-line Ken Onion Edition Knife and Tool Sharpener. Now with the Mk.2, Work Sharp is building off of that solid base to make another truly impressive sharpener.

Included Abrasive Belts:

Ko Abrasives

The Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife and Tool Sharpener Mk.2 includes 5 belts (one of each: P120, X65, X22, X4 and 6000 grit). The five belts (detailed below) offer you a wide range of grits to perform tasks as coarse as grinding and as fine as polishing an edge. These are the same belts used by the original Ken Onion Edition.

P120 Grit Belt
The P120 is a coarse belt that can be used for grinding or for fast stock removal from knives. This is a quality coated 3/4" x 12" fabric belt.

Norton Norax Belts
There are three 3/4" x 12" Norton Norax Belts included in the kit. The Norton Norax Belts utilize very consistent aluminum oxide abrasives. The belts have a depth to the abrasive surface unlike any other belts we carry. The depth to the abrasives allows the abrasives to break away and expose fresh abrasives below. This abrasive configuration allows it to run cooler, last 2 to 5 times longer, leave a very consistent finish and even cut faster. They are just great belts.

X65 Norax Belt - This 3/4" x 12" belt features 65 micron aluminum oxide abrasive particles. This translates to roughly a P220 grit. This is a coarse belt that can be used for most coarse sharpening needs.

X22 Norax Belt - This 3/4" x 12" belt features 22 micron aluminum oxide abrasive particles. This translates to roughly a P800 grit. This is a fine to medium belt that can be used to refine a coarsely sharpened edge or refine an edge that is starting to dull.

X4 Norax Belt - This 3/4" x 12" belt features 4 micron aluminum oxide abrasive particles. This translates to roughly a P3000 grit. This is a very fine belt that can be used to put a very fine edge that is almost mirror polished.

6000 Grit Belt
The 6000 grit belt is used to put the finest razor sharp edge on your knives. This 1/2" x 12" thinner belt conforms to your knives so it can be used to sharpen serrated edges as well as heavily curved edges like gut hooks.


As always, Work Sharp includes great printed instructions with your sharpener. The instructions make it easy to go from novice to pro in a short amount of time. There are plenty of easy-to-follow illustrations that really help explain how to use the sharpener.

Other Information

All Work Sharp products are assembled in the USA in Ashland, Oregon with many US components.

Sharpening Supplies is an authorized U.S. distributor for Work Sharp. We do not ship Work Sharp products internationally.

This tool plugs in to any 120V outlet. It can even be used in your car or truck with a small power inverter. This product ships to US only.


Q. Can this sharpener also sharpen scissors?

A. Yes, the guide system has a slot for scissors. The guide gives you a very precise edge.

Q. Can I use my old belts from the WSKTS (original Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener)?

A. The older units use a smaller 1/2" wide belt. In fact the Ken Onion Edition uses the same flexible 1/2" belt for the 6000 grit. However, the Ken Onion Edition was designed to work with the wider 3/4" belts for the other grits. So while technically possible, it does perform better with the belts designed for it.

Q. Are additional grits available?

A. Yes. In addition to the 5 grits that come with the Ken Onion, belts are now available in an even finer grit. The 12,000 Grit Ultra-Fine Micro-Mesh belts.

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