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Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System

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  • Sharpens All Types of Knives
  • Adjustable Angle Guides

Makes manual knife sharpening faster, easier and more precise than ever!

Work Sharp has developed a bench top sharpening and honing system capable of handling all your knives. Whether your blades are straight, curved or serrated, with the WSGSS you can get them sharp and keep them that way. Diamond Sharpening Plates combined with the Pivot Response System will sharpen straight and convex blades with ease. The Ceramic Hone allows for the sharpening of concave or recurved knives, and two sizes of Ceramic Rods will take care of serrated blades.

Pivot Response System

The unique Pivot Response System allows the Diamond Sharpening Plates to move as the blade is passed over them, ensuring a constant sharpening angle for convex curved and straight blades alike. No need to change your motion, just hold the knife perpendicular to the stone and slide the bevel along its entire length. The stone will pivot to match the curvature of the blade. The Pivot Response can also be locked out to create a rigid sharpening stone for straight blades.

Angle Guides

Finding the right angle to hold the blade at is straight forward with the WSGSS as well. There are removable reference guides to use with the Diamond Sharpening Plates for 17° or 20°. The Ceramic Hone has a built in 25° guide. Simply place the knife against the guide at either end of the platform before each stroke.

The Guided Sharpening System features:

  • Coarse 320 grit Diamond Plate
  • Fine 600 grit Diamond Plate
  • Ceramic Hone with coarse and fine positions as well as fish hook grooves
  • 3 sizes of Ceramic Rod for sharpening serrations
  • 17° and 20° Angle Guides
  • Sharpening Platform with Pivot Response
  • Slide Lock for creating a rigid sharpening surface

To make your Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System even better, check out the Upgrade Kit with more grits in the Diamond Sharpening Plates and a Leather Strop.

Manufacturer's Warranty

The Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System comes with a 42 year warranty. Why 42 years? Why not — that’s how long Work Sharp/Darex has been serving their customers, and they’re looking forward to another 42. Located in Ashland, OR, they love what they do, they take it seriously, and they’re in this for the long haul. Warranty applies to non-consumable parts – in other words, everything except the abrasives (diamond plates and ceramic rods).

Q. What kind of knives can it sharpen?

A. Curved Blades, Straight Blades, Serrations, Tools, Hooks and Fine Points.

Q. Does the Work Sharp Guided Knife Sharpening System use jigs?

A. No jigs or clamps are necessary for sharpening.

Q. Are there other grits available to use with the system?

A. Yes, both 220 and 800 grit diamond plates (as well as a leather strop) are available in the Upgrade Kit.

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