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Dust Collector for Twice As Sharp Machines

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The Dust Collector for Twice As Sharp and Ookami Gold Machines is a heavy item and not eligible for free shipping. Actual shipping charges will apply. Ask for details.

  • Fits Twice As Sharp and Ookami Gold Sharpeners
  • Two Stage Dust Collection
  • Versatile Workstation

Collect Dust For Twice As Sharp and Ookami Gold Machines

Designed specifically for the Twice As Sharp and Ookami Gold Scissors Sharpeners, the Wolff Dust Collector increases shop cleanliness and safety as well as providing a convenient work stand for the sharpener.

Two Stage Dust Collector

The Wolff Dust Collector works in two stages:

  • Stage 1 uses cyclonic action to catch most of the grinding dust in a pan.
  • Stage 2 employs a disposable MERV 8 filter (minimum efficiency reporting value) which traps 70% - 80% of 3 -10 micron particles.

Clean shops reduce respiratory issues and improve worker safety, and this system contributes greatly to shop cleanliness.


Practical Workstation

The Wolff Dust Collector is mounted on industrial casters to make it easy to move. The included plenum, ducting, and adapters fit the current edition red Twice as Sharp and Ookami Gold scissors sharpeners, there's no adapters needed. The plenum allows the sharpener to be used on the front or side of the dust collector, a plate prevents the blower from being blocked against a wall, the power switch controls the dust collection and the sharpener and the entire system runs off normal 110v. To top it off, there's easy access for changing filters.

Recommended For:

  • High volume scissors sharpening
  • Industrial or manufacturing facilities
  • Food production facilities


  • Dust collection cabinet
  • Ducting
  • 2-way Plenum
  • 2 hose clamps
  • Set of slotted finger guards with spark deflectors
  • 2 rubber O-rings
  • Box of 12 filters
  • Operators Manual

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions – 20”w x 34”d x 36" h
  • Voltage - 115 ac. 60 hertz. 3.7 amps
  • Wattage – 407 watts
  • Blower Motor – Dual thermally protected blowers
  • Stage 1 Filtration - Cyclonic dust collector with catch pan
  • Stage 2 Filtration - MERV 8 filter traps 70-85% of particles size 3-10 microns
  • Filter Size – 8" x 18" x 1" actual size
  • Port Size - Single 6" dust port
  • Connection – Plenum and ducting for the Twice as Sharp® scissors sharpener
  • Power - Dual protected 110 volt outlets controlled by power switch

Manufactured and assembled in the United States.

This machine is intended for professional use. As per our Professional Machines Returns Policy, returns will only be accepted for new, unused machines. A 25% restock fee will be charged for new, unused returns. In cases of manufacturing defect, please contact us for replacement information.

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