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DMT 8" Extra Extra Fine Diamond Stone

by DMT
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For the first time ever DMT® has created a Extra Extra Fine Diamond Stone. Previously the smallest diamond particle available was 9 microns (which is very small). This stone features a much smaller 3 micron particle size, this grit size compares to an 8000 grit stone. This allows the stone to leave the finest finish of any diamond stone we have ever seen. Do not confuse this with our other diamond stones; this stone will not cut aggressively and is used only in creating that perfect razor sharp edge after you've worked your edge to near perfection on an extra fine stone. If you do not have another stone that is fine, (ideally extra fine) do not purchase this stone because it will not sharpen a dull tool.

This stone is in the Dia-Sharp® line of DMT® diamond stones and features a continuous diamond surface attached to heavy-duty nickel and steel backed surface. This diamond stone measures 8" long and 3" wide. The size is plenty large for sharpening most tools and knives. Includes four rubber feet to keep the stone in place during sharpening.

Use with water only - no oil needed. Made in the USA.

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Customer Testimonial

I am a professional woodworker. For years I would take our kitchen cutlery to the shop where I would put a fine edge on them using either an Arkansas Black Hard, Arkansas White, or Japanese Waterstones. Several years ago, I got tired of this routine and ordered a fine (600 grit) and an extra fine (1200 grit) DMT stones. This allowed me the convenience of sharpening the cutlery under the kitchen faucet.

The downside was that the 1200 grit never quite put the quality edge on the knives that I expected-even with liberal use of a steel.

Several days ago, I called a product specialist and asked about DMT's D8EE. He assured me that it would make a difference. It did. The D8EE arrived today and I put it under the kitchen faucet and sharpened all of our Henckels, Wustoff, and Hoffritz cutlery. The edge that is now on these knives matches anything I could do with Arkansas or Japanese stones or a buffing wheel.

Many thanks for the help. The D8EE is a great product.

J. S. from Hamilton Ohio

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