Carved Spoons

Here are my first two spoons that I carved using an axe and a knife. Sure, the proportions aren’t perfect, and they took me way too long to make. But they are mine and they were great fun to make! I may have cheated and used my spokeshave on one of the handles. But a spokeshave is a hand tool so not really cheating so much as bending the rules? Plus, I had just sharpened my spokeshave, so it needed a workout.

There is something I like about a carved surface that makes it feel handmade. My birch spoon probably sat in my spoon rack for almost a month before I decided to use it for the first time. Once used, it lost that gleaming white wood look, but it had to be done. And honestly, it looks better since it is now a real kitchen tool, not just a kitchen decoration.

I first learned to carve spoons with our guest sharpener, Tom Bartlett. He teaches spoon carving classes in Madison, WI. Tom is a professional green woodworker and sells his work in local markets and on his website, Sylva Spoon.


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