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Work Sharp WS3000 and Knife Sharpening Bundle

Work Sharp WS3000 and Knife Sharpening Bundle

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The Work Sharp WS 3000 is a tool sharpener designed for the woodworker. It can quickly and easily take dull chisels and plane irons and turn them into the precision cutting tools they were meant to be. With the addition of the Knife sharpening attachment, this truly becomes a versatile sharpener.

Work Sharp WS3000

The Work Sharp WS3000 features a powerful 1/5HP motor that is geared down to provide an ideal wheel speed of 580 RPM. To further keep your tools cool, the WS3000 pulls in air over your tools. Gone are the days of burning your tools on your high speed grinder. The unit itself is solidly built and backed with a full 2-year warranty.

How it works

The Work Sharp WS3000 can be used in a number of ways. The innovative chisel sharpening port allows you to select your sharpening bevel angle. Once your angle is selected, your tools rides on the rest to maintain a consistent bevel angle during sharpening. You can also sharpen your tools on the top of the wheel as you would traditionally do. On the top of the wheel you can use the integrated tool rest or you can flatten the backs of your tools.

The Wheels

The system comes with two tempered glass wheels and a slotted wheel. The tempered glass wheels provide an absolutely flat surface to apply the PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) abrasive paper. This flat surface is ideal for coarse, medium, fine and the super fine micro mesh abrasives. The second sharpening option is using the slotted wheel. The slotted wheel allows you to see through the wheel while sharpening and for the first time, allows you to actually see the edge of the tool being sharpened.

The Abrasives

The system comes with all the abrasives you need to turn your tools into fine cutting instruments. From the coarse P120 for fast metal removal to the P3600 micro mesh, the system includes all the abrasives you'll need. The system also includes a crepe stick abrasive cleaner to keep your abrasives from clogging with metal.

The Knife Sharpening Attachment

This Work Sharp Knife Sharpening System quickly attaches to the WS3000 (only) to offer a complete sharpening solution. The belt system sharpens a wide range of angles (10 - 35 degrees) and works on knives, scissors and many other woodworking cutting tools such as marking knives and carving tools. Coarse, medium and fine belts are included. The premium abrasive belts from Norton and Micro-Mesh measure 1" x 18" and will help you quickly and easily hone a very fine edge.

Abrasives Included

  • 1 P120 Coarse Norton Belt
  • 1 P220 Medium Norton Belt
  • 1 6000 Fine Micro Mesh Norton Belt

Knife Sharpening Replacement Belts

With the bundle, we also include an additional set of the replacement belts that come with the Knife Sharpening Attachment. The additional belts include an extra one of each of the P120, P220 and the 6000.

Parts Included in the Work Sharp WS3000 and Knife Sharpening Bundle :

  • WS3000 Wood Tool Sharpener
  • WS3000 Knife Sharpening Attachment with 120, 220, 6000 Belts
  • Knife Sharpening Attachment Abrasive Kit (120, 220 , 6000 Belts)
  • 2 Tempered Glass Wheels
  • Slotted See-Through Wheel
  • Top Tool Rest
  • Crepe Stick (abrasive cleaner)
  • 2 P120 Coarse Abrasive Discs
  • 4 P400 Medium Abrasive Discs
  • 4 P1000 Fine Abrasive Discs
  • 1 Super Fine Micro-Mesh P3600 Abrasive Disc
  • 1 Slotted P80 Coarse Abrasive Disc
  • 2 Slotted P400 Medium Abrasive Discs
  • 2 Slotted P1200 Fine Abrasive Discs
  • User Guide
  • Instructional DVD

Work Sharp Part# WS3000. Item# 7365. This product ships to US only.

Stock up on replacement abrasives and accessories. You can get these shipped along with your system without any shipping charges.

Q. Can the Worksharp WS3000 be used to sharpen knives?

A. With the Knife Sharpening Attachment you can very easily sharpen knives.

Q. What are the differences between the WS3000 and the WS2000?

A. The main differences are explained on this chart.

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