Work Sharp Precision Adjust Upgrade Kit

Work Sharp Precision Adjust Upgrade Kit

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We're excited to announce the new Upgrade Kit for the Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener from Work Sharp.

  • Coarse Tri-Brasive® Rod: 220, 320, & 400 Grit Diamond
  • Fine Tri-Brasive® Rod: 600 & 800 Grit Diamond, Ceramic Plate
  • Leather & Ceramic Rod: Leather Strop, Ceramic rod for serrations
  • Premium Carry Case
  • Precision Adjust Sharpener Not Included


Upgrade your Work Sharp Precision Adjust Sharpener

If you already have the Precision Adjust Sharpener, then this kit will make it even more versatile. Get additional grits, a leather hone, a ceramic rod for serrated edges, and a case to carry it all in.

If you don't already have a Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener follow this link. Or if you would prefer to get the Precision Adjust Sharpener and everything in the Upgrade Kit all in one go, see the Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite.

The Upgrade Kit contains:

  • 220, 320, and 400 Grit Diamond on the Coarse Tri-Brasive® Rod:
  • 600 and 800 Grit Diamond plus Ceramic Plate on the Fine Tri-Brasive® Rod:
  • Leather Strop and Ceramic Rod
  • Premium Carry Case
  • Precision Adjust Sharpener Not Included

Coarse Tri-Brasive® Rod

The Elite Kit has a coarse Tri-Brasive® Rod with 220, 320, and 400 grit diamond plates. These are great for fast material removal and shaping.

Fine Tri-Brasive® Rod

The fine Tri-Brasive® Rod has 600 and 800 grit diamond plates, and a ceramic plate. The fine rod has 600 and 800 grit diamond plates, and a ceramic plate. Get a smooth edge with the diamond plates, and finish to razor sharp with the ceramic.

Strop and Serrated Sharpener Rod

Also included with the Elite Kit is a rod with a leather strop on one side and a ceramic rod on the other. Use the strop plain or with your favorite compound to finish and maintain incredibly sharp edges. Use the ceramic rod for sharpening serrated blades.

Carrying Case

Of course now that you have all this great sharpening stuff, you'll need a place to keep it in. The premium Carrying Case will store the sharpener and all the rods, keeping everything organized and ready to go anywhere.

Precision Adjust Sharpener Not Included. Check out the Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite for a kit that contains the sharpener with everything listed above.

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