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Work Sharp Culinary E5 Knife Sharpener with Honing Rod

Work Sharp Culinary E5 Knife Sharpener with Honing Rod

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  • Flexible Abrasive Belt Sharpening
  • Precision Guides
  • One-Touch Programming
  • Manual Ceramic Hone with MicroForge Technology


Work Sharp Culinary Sharpeners

Introducing Work Sharp Culinary Knife Sharpeners

With the introduction of the Work Sharp Culinary line, Work Sharp brings their proven flexible belt sharpening technology to commercial kitchens. The E5 Premium Knife Sharpener is designed to make sharpening fast, easy and consistent, allowing busy professionals to concentrate on using their knives, not on sharpening them.

Flexible Abrasive Belt Sharpening

Flexible abrasive belts are commonly used in the manufacture of knives because they are effective and efficient, and they work just as well for day-to-day sharpening. Work Sharp Culinary Knife Sharpeners employ belts specially designed to be extra flexible for fast but gentle material removal suitable for even the finest cutlery. Three Red P120 Belts are included with the machine, one installed and ready to use, and two stored in the machine. A Replacement Belt Kit is available.

Precision 17° Sharpening Guides

The E5 features 17° guides. The guides are removable, and with the E5 Upgrade Kit, they can be expanded to include 15° and 20° for eastern or western knives. In addition to the East and West Angle Guides, the Upgrade Kit also includes additional grits of belts and "recipes" for combining specific grits with specific angles to get optimal results.

One-Touch Programming

With a single button, The E5 can be set for any of three sharpening cycles. The machine will select the proper speed and run time for the desired operation: Shaping, Sharpening or Refining the edge. Take the guess work out of sharpening.

Dual Surface Manual Ceramic Hone with MicroForge Technology

The E5 includes an 8" Dual Surface Ceramic Honing Rod for the finishing and maintenance of your knives. After sharpening on the E5, use the fine side of the rod to finish your knife to razor sharpness. In between sharpening sessions, use the coarse side to quickly refresh an edge. Built-in guides on the handle of the Ceramic Hone provide a perfect reference for quickly creating a micro-bevel consistently. The MicroForge feature of the Manual Hone can be used with any knife to create a longer lasting, more durable edge with greater cutting control. It does this by creating micro-facets along the cutting edge enhancing the blade's versatility.

Q. Will the belts for the Work Sharp Culinary Knife Sharpener fit other Work Sharp sharpeners?

A. No. The Belts for the Work Sharp Culinary Knife Sharpener are specifically designed for the tension and flexibility requirements of this machine and are not recommended for use on other Work Sharp sharpeners.

Q. What is the grit of the belts for the Work Sharp Culinary Knife Sharpener?

A. The belts are 120 grit.

Q. Are additional grits available?

A. Yes. The E5 Upgrade Kit and the Master Belt Kit both contain 5 total belts in 4 different grits. Each kit contains 2 of the standard coarse red belts as included with the machine, plus 1 extra-coarse blue belt, 1 medium grey belt and 1 fine white belt.

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