Work Sharp Benchstone

Work Sharp Benchstone

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  • 320 and 600 Grit Diamond Stones
  • Fine Ceramic Stone
  • Pivot Response Base
  • 20° / 25° Angle Guides


New From Work Sharp

Three Abrasives with Pivot Response Base and Angle Guides

Work Sharp’s Triangle Abrasive system provides a complete sharpening abrasive assortment in one unit. It is a professional level benchtop angle guided, 3 sided abrasive system that makesknife sharpening made easy. Angle guides and Pivot Response™ base provide precision, consistency and a superior sharpening experience on Pocket, outdorr or kitchen knives.

Triangle Abrasive: TRI-BRASIVE™

The three grits allow the sharpener to repair a damaged edge with the medium (320) grit diamond, restore a lightly dulled edge with fine (600) grit diamond, then finish the edge on fine grit ceramic to create an incredibly keen edge. The monocrystalline diamond plates are long lasting and engineered to provide a very consistent grain size and cut rate; while the premium fine grit ceramic stone was specifically designed to deliver a highly refined surface finish and burr free edge. No water or oil is required, making sharpening faster with less set up and clean up.

Pivot Response™ Base

The innovative Pivot Response System allows the abrasive to follow the curve of the blade – making manual sharpening faster, easier and more precise than ever. It creates a sharp and consistent edge along the entire length of the blade. Pivot Response feature can be locked out to provide a rigid sharpening surface for a wide range of knife & tool sharpening applications. Anti-skid feet ensure a safe and stable process.

20° / 25° Angle Guides

Sharpening Guides are interchangeable from 20° or 25°

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