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Wicked Edge Field and Sport 2017

Wicked Edge Field and Sport 2017

Item # WE220
Price: $399.00

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  • Updated for 2017
  • Get the same results every time
  • Work both sides of the knife simultaneously
  • Portable


The Latest Edition of the Wicked Edge Field and Sport

New On The 2017

  • New L-bracket shape
  • Jam-nut locking system secures the micro adjustment feature
  • New base shape provide improves stability
  • New look vise shape, with no change to functionality

Field and Sport Kit includes:

  • Ball Joint and Guide Rod Assemblies with micro-adjustments of +/- .05 degrees
  • Riser Block allowing angles down to 13 degrees (26 degrees inclusive)
  • Base Rod allowing angles up to 35 degrees (70 degrees inclusive)
  • 8 Diamond Plates Stones (2 of each: 100 Grit, 200 Grit, 400 Grit and 600 Grit)
  • Carrying Case with custom foam inserts
  • Alignment Tools for precision mounting

The Field and Sport has all the benefits of any Wicked Edge system:

Solid Engineering

Carefully thought out, and built of aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel and space-age composite materials, the patented knife sharpening technology and precision engineering of the Wicked Edge Sharpeners provide fantastic results, yet remain accessible to everyone. No special skill is required.

Consistent Positioning

The positioning of the knife in the clamp affects the angle of sharpening. If the position of the knife in the clamp changes from sharpening to sharpening, then the angle will be different each time, wasting your time and giving less than optimal edges. Using the Wicked Edge’s included alignment tools it is straight forward to position your knives in the same place every time, ensuring consistent results.

Work Both Sides At Once

Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners work both side of the knife at the same time. A sturdy clamp secures the knife in place with an adjustable guide rod on either side. The stones all come in pairs. Simply slide a stone on each rod and use alternating strokes to sharpen from both sides at once. There is no need to re-position the blade or the stones.

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