Veritas Mk. II Guide Narrow Blade Head Edition

Veritas Mk. II Guide Narrow Blade Head Edition

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  • The quality of the original Mk. II
  • Now with side clamping for narrow blades
  • Hold square, bevel, or triangular sided blades
  • Hold blades 1/8" to 1-1/2" wide


The Veritas Mk. II Honing Guide is now available with the Narrow Blade Head in place of the Standard Head.

Clamp Narrow Blades Easily

The Veritas Mk. II Honing Guide is a standard of quality in honing guides. It takes the difficulty and guesswork out of sharpening chisels and plane irons, giving precision results every time. And now it is available with the side clamping Narrow Blade Head instead of the original face clamping Standard Head. This new side clamping arrangement makes holding narrow blades securely a breeze.

The side clamping head holds square sided, bevel sided and even triangular sided chisels 1/8” to 1-1/2” blade width capacity, and fits bevel sided chisels up to 15/32" thick and square sided up to 11/32” thick. Two settings allow for standard angles from 15° to 40°, and back bevels from 10° to 20°.

All the Features of the Original Mk. II

  • Consistent, fast and repeatable honing
  • Registration jig simultaneously squares and centers the blade while setting the correct projection
  • 3-position eccentric roller for quick and accurate micro-bevels
  • Settings for standard angle, and back bevel
  • Fits bevel sided chisels up to 15/32" thick and square sided up to 11/32” thick
  • Wide roller for Stability
  • Q. Do I need to purchase any other guides or accessories to sharpen blades with this?

    A. No. The Veritas Mk. II Guide with Narrow Blade Head is a complete unit.

    Q. I already have Veritas Mk. II. Is the Narrow Blade Head available separately to mount on it?

    A. Yes. The Narrow Blade Head for the Veritas Mk. II is available separately.

    Q. Does this package contain the Standard Head for the Veritas Mk. II?

    A. No. This package contains only the Narrow Blade Head.

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