Sharpening Using the DMT Knife Guide


The DMT Knife Guide is the easiest way we've found to sharpen a knife using a bench stone. It is an inexpensive and trouble-free way to keep the bevel angle consistent throughout the sharpening process. Watch the video and learn how you can become a knife sharpening expert in no time.

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The DMT Knife Guide is an inexpensive tool to help you sharpen your knives using bench stones. The guide allows you to select and keep a consistent bevel angle for sharpening.

In this video I will show you how to sharpen knives using the DMT Knife Guide. Today I'll be using a DMT diamond stone, however this technique is the same for all bench stones.

The first step is to clamp the knife in the guide. On smaller knives, clamp the guide slightly closer to the heel. On larger knives, clamp it in the center of the knife. Use the thumbscrew to secure the blade in the clamp.

Selecting the bevel angle on the DMT Knife Guide is as simple as adjusting the rod to increase or decrease the angle of the knife to the stone. The guide has seven adjustments so you can choose the perfect angle for your knife. Because the stone heights and knife widths affect the angle, I suggest you place the knife on the stone and ajust the angle up or down using the adjustment rods. Once you find the right setting, make sure both rods are adjusted the same.

I'll first spray a few drops of water on my stone. Starting with my coarse stone I'll rest the knife on the stone and my guide on the work surface. Then in a slicing motion bring the knife across the stone from heel to point, keeping the knife edge in contact with the stone and the guide in contact with the work surface. Carefully turn the knife over and repeat on the other side of the knife. With very little practice this process is very smooth and quick.

After a few strokes on my coarse stone I'll switch to my fine stone to complete the sharpening of my knife.

Sharpening a knife with the DMT Knife Guide is a fast and effective method for sharpening. If you choose to use the DMT Knife Guide to sharpen your knives, you'll be comfortable and proficient with sharpening in no time.

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