Ultimate PLUS Oil Stone Kit Options

Dan - December 3, 2019

We Really Do Like the Value of Doubles

I love packages that offer double-sided stones. They offer great value. One of our best double-sided stone values has long been our Ultimate Oil Stone Kit, two double-sided stones for 4 total grits with oil, strop and compound. I'm always recommending this kit to beginning sharpeners looking to get a comprehensive sharpening set for an economical price.

Double the stropping surface with an 8" x 2" Double-Sided Paddle Strop.

Now, with the Ultimate PLUS Oil Stone Kit we offer the option to upgrade to an 8" x 2" Double-Sided Paddle Strop. A double-sided strop to go with double-sided stones.

More than double the stropping surface with a 12" x 3" Double-Sided Paddle Strop.

Of Course if two 8" x 2" stropping surfaces are good, wouldn't two 12" x 3" be even better? The Ultimate PLUS Oil Stone Kit offers an option to upgrade to a 12" x 3" Double Sided Paddle Strop for even more room to work.

Our Double-Sided Paddle Strops among of our best values and I'm thrilled to be able to combine them with the already great value of the Ultimate Oil Stone Kit.

Thanks again! - Dan