Ultimate Oil Stone Kit

Ultimate Oil Stone Kit

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Kit Includes:

  • US Made 8" x 2" Combination Oil Stone
  • US Made Combination 8" x 2" Soft/Hard Arkansas Stone with Box
  • US Made 8" x 2" Leather Strop
  • 4.5 Oz. Norton Honing Oil
  • US Made 6 Oz. Bar of Chromium Oxide Green Honing Compound


The Ultimate Oil Stone Kit

The Ultimate Oil Stone Kit offers a comprehensive sharpening solution for knives and tools that demand precision. Crafted for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this kit is engineered to transform any dull edge into a masterpiece of sharpness. Whether your knife has lost its edge or needs a touch-up, our matched set of 8" x 2" stones and accessories ensures your blades achieve and maintain the finest polish.

Kit Components: A Symphony of Superior Sharpening Tools

  • US-Made Combination Oil Stone: A versatile 8" x 2" stone featuring both coarse and fine grits, perfect for establishing a proper bevel angle and refining edges.
  • Soft/Hard Arkansas Stone: A premium stone for elevating sharpness, with a soft side for intermediate honing and a hard side for achieving a razor-sharp finish.
  • Leather Strop with Chromium Oxide Honing Compound: A smooth leather strop bonded to hard wood, designed to put the final polish on your blade, making it sharper than new.
  • Norton Honing Oil: Essential for a smooth sharpening process.

Why Choose The Ultimate Oil Stone Kit?

  • Unmatched Versatility: From restoring the dullest edges to perfecting a fine polish, this kit includes all the necessary grits.
  • Superior Quality: Each component is crafted in the USA, promising durability and effectiveness.
  • Exceptional Value: Priced to offer tremendous value, this kit is an investment in the longevity of your knives and tools.

Streamlined Sharpening Steps for Ultimate Precision

    1. Begin with the Basics: Use the coarse side of the Combination Oil Stone for dull knives, then refine with the fine side.

    2. Advance with Arkansas: Transition to the Soft Arkansas Stone, followed by the Hard Arkansas Stone for unparalleled sharpness.

    3. Perfect with the Strop: Apply the Honing Compound to the Leather Strop for a final polish that exceeds factory sharpness.

Sharpen with Confidence, Sharpen with The Ultimate Oil Stone Kit

Embrace the full potential of your edges with The Ultimate Oil Stone Kit. Designed for those who appreciate precision, this kit guarantees an edge that’s not just sharp but enduringly so. Experience the joy of sharpening with tools professionals trust, at a value that can't be beaten. Elevate your sharpening experience today.

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