Tormek T-8 Black 50th Anniversary Edition

Tormek T-8 Black 50th Anniversary Edition

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  • Tormek Celebrates 50 Years
  • Special All Black T-8
  • DF-250 600 Grit Diamond Wheel
  • CW-220 Composite Honing Wheel
  • ACC-150 Anti Corrosion Concentrate
  • 50 Year Warranty
  • Limited Quantity



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Celebrating 50 Years of Sharpness

2023 marks 50 years since Torgny Jansson founded Tormek, and that calls for a celebration! What better way to celebrate than with a limited edition anniversary machine?

Introducing the Tormek T-8 Black, a limited edition machine with a striking all black appearance. This is a very special Tormek package. It comes equipped with a 600 Grit Diamond Grinding Wheel, a Composite Honing Wheel, a 50-year warranty, and that's just a start.

Have a look at what makes the T-8 Black unique.

It's Black

For starters, the T-8 Black has an intense, all-black finish that's guaranteed to stand out in any workshop. Not only will this Tormek give outstanding edges, it will look good doing it.

It Has a 50 Year Warranty

The T-8 Black has an unbelievable 50 year warranty! That's 5 years with purchase, plus an additional 45 years when registered with Tormek. Already well known for an 8 year warranty, Tormek is firmly demonstrating their commitment to quality with this unprecedented guarantee.

It's a Limited Edition

The T-8 Black is a special piece of Tormek history. Only a limited number of these will be made, and once they're gone you won't see anything like it again.

It Comes with a Diamond Wheel and other Great Accessories

The T-8 Black machine comes with:

It's a Great Value

At $995, the T-8 Black with all its accessories costs less than the price of building a similar package with a T-8 Custom. This really is an opportunity that doesn't come around very often.

Choose Your Own Jigs

To allow you to get only the jigs that you will need, the T-8 Black does not come with any sharpening jigs. Jigs are available individually (see our Tormek Jigs and Kits Page) or as part of the HTK-806 Hand Tool Kit or TNT-808 Woodturner's Kit.

Same T-8 Quality

The T-8 Black has all of the quality innovations found on the T-8.

Innovations Include:

  • Cast Zinc Top, Frame and Motor Mount
  • Cast Zinc Internal Drive Wheel
  • Machined Tool Rest Mounts that are Integral to the Cast Housing
  • Tighter Tolerances on Tool Rest Mounts
  • Height Adjusting Water Tray
  • Channeled Water Flow
  • Removable Water Tray Scraper with Magnet
  • Relocated Cord for Easier Machine Rotation

Tormek's Quality Guarantee

For those that understand quality and versatility, there is no substitute to Tormek quality. The 50 year manufacturer’s warranty shows Tormek's long term commitment to quality. By purchasing a Tormek you are making a long term commitment to sharp tools and knives, and Tormek will be there to back it up.

Tormek Repeatability

The key word when sharpening the Tormek way is repeatability. The tools are guided in jigs so you remove only a minute fraction of the steel at each sharpening. Even complicated shapes like fingernail turning gouges, spoon carving gouges and oval skew chisels with a radius edge are easily sharpened to fit your needs. Once the shape is created, you can resharpen quickly and easily. And all of the Tormek Jigs work on the T8.

Tormek Reliability and Safety

The water cooled slow speed wheel will not overheat steel. There is no worry about taking the temper out of your tool. In addition, there is no grinding dust, the steel particles are deposited into the water trough. And with the low speed, you can fully control the sharpening.

Tormek Versatility

A wide variety of guided jigs and accessories are available to customize the Tormek T-8 offering you the ability to sharpen knives, scissors, carving tools, wood turning tools, axes, planer blades, and drill bits.

Buying a Tormek is a safe investment in quality and performance.

  Tormek T8
Housing Cast Zinc Top, Frame, Motor Mount and Internal Drive Wheel
with ABS Plastic Sides
Grindstone 250×50 mm (10"×2")
Honing wheel 220×31 mm (8 5/8"×1 7/32")
Stone diameter indicator Yes
Main shaft, nut and washer
in stainless steel
Carrying handle Yes
Quick coupling for
the honing wheel
Motor 115 V 1~ 60 Hz 200 W (input)
Motor duty Continuous
Running speed 100 RPM
270 mm (10 5/8")
270 mm (10 5/8")
330 mm (13")
Weight excl. packing 32.6 lbs
Warranty 5 years + additional 45 on registration - Includes commercial use

Made in Sweden.

This motor is designed to work on 120V, we do not offer any 220V models and are unable to ship electric sharpeners outside the USA.

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