Tormek 600 Grit Diamond Grindstone for T-1

Tormek 600 Grit Diamond Grindstone for T-1

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  • For the T-1 Home Kitchen Knife Sharpener
  • Fine 600 Grit
  • Sharpens all Steels
  • Sharpens Ceramics



Replacement Wheel for the T-1

The DF-150 Fine 600 Grit Diamond Wheel is the wheel that comes standard with the Tormek T-1 Home Kitchen Knife Sharpener. Use this wheel to replace a worn or damaged T-1 grinding wheel.

Fine 600 Grit

The DF-150 Conical Fine Diamond Wheel is 600 grit. Tormek has chosen 600 grit as the best of both worlds. It is aggressive enough to sharpen quickly, but fine enough that it doesn't remove more metal than necessary. Most importantly, it leaves a great edge.

The 600 grit wheel is a great lead in to the PW-160 Conical Composite Honing Wheel. After sharpening with the diamond wheel the honing wheel will easily remove the burr and leave a polished, sharp edge.

Sharpens All Steels and Ceramics

Kitchen knives come in all varieties of steels and even ceramics, which can cause confusion when choosing a sharpener. Regardless of the knife's composition, the Fine Diamond Wheel will sharpen it.

5 7/8" × 5/8" (150mm × 18mm ). Made in Sweden.

Q. How long does the diamond grinding wheel last?

A. The DF-150 Diamond Wheel lasts for a thousand plus sharpenings. It is impossible to be more precise given the variables of usage, but the majority of home users will get a lifetime of use from the wheel.

Q. My diamond wheel is worn and I am considering replacement. Is the worn wheel still useful?

A. The surface of the grinding wheel will become finer and finer over time. If you do replace the wheel, we recommend keeping the previous one for those times when you want a really fine finish.

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